Giant sized specimens of regular fish, how do they taste?

Yeah, “With their tongue” is not what I’m looking for. :wink:

I know what a river catfish tastes like. What about those 100lb or more versions Okies noodle out of the water? Is it tougher? More tasty? Less tasty? What about a 2lb perch vs a 50lb? A 7lb trout is nice, what if I found one my size and weight? Etc…

Yes, I know certain species of fish that we eat are already large. What I’m thinking of is that fish I can catch with my Zebco and cook up real nice, versus a River Monster sized fish of the same type.

Same for salt water fish. I’ve caught some very large snapper and flounder, but nothing that I would need a bigger boat for.

Some fish species are already very large. Certain salt water game fish or commercially caught and processed fish come to my mind. Not asking about those verses other species. Tho, if you want to include salmon, I’m game.

(Hopefully I worded that well enough to avoid the usual SDMB nitpicking answers) :cool:

Eh, you know what? Go ahead and talk about any fish taste differences you’ve noticed. Seafood bar is open!

Halibut and pacific cod…taste much better when little. The giant ones get rubbery.


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I can barely tell you how giant trout and such taste due to bad luck…

Within species, I don’t know. Bluefin tuna is the largest and generally the most prized. Sashimi-ready fish are worth lots, I think the record is US$ 1.76 million for a 489 lb/222 kg Pacific bluefin. This is compared to other tuna species, who yes, are naturally smaller.

Rainbow trout tend to be quite bigger when out at sea and are called steelhead. They aren’t nearly as prized or sold as often as salmon, but the end result is similar, e.g. tastes good. 48 lbs is the record I can find.

Larger fish tend to have a larger mercury danger.

Bigger boats are for sharks!