Giant Song Database Cross Referenced By Theme???

I’m hoping this exists, it must exist, right? I did some searching and nothing popped out at me. Well, nothing on the first page at least. And I feel silly because I pitted lazy google searchers not too long ago. But, Im looking to put together a playlist organised by themes, is there an ultimate be all end all database someone has put together out there, cross referenced by song theme? I’m not talking like 200 songs, i mean the real deal!


you might try By no means exhaustive, but it allows potential licensors of music to search by artist, theme, key, genre etc etc.

What exactly do you mean by theme?

Thanks, Ill check those out,

Senor, what I’m looking for is a huge selection songs about death and songs about sex, so I can select a handful of really diverse ones (not looking for really well known songs).

Have you tried They have an enormous database, and every song has various “mood” descriptors.