Playlists! Get your playlists here!

I’m not sure if this should belong here, or in the Game Room. Even though it’s just a fun little exercise (and sheds light on our musical knowledge/interest), I don’t really think of it as a game per se. I’ll stick it here, until such time a mod decrees it should be moved.

Anyway, I’ve done this with a few friends from time to time. One person sets some guidelines with some specific as well as some vague requirements, and the other person creates a playlist based upon those parameters. Some suggestions for ‘guidelines’: eras of music, specific styles or genres, bands from a particular geographical locale, songs that mention a particular word or term, etc. Playlists ought to be at least 12 - 24 songs long. The only thing you can NOT do is request specific songs or specific artists. And of course it’s only fair that the songs mentioned ought to be accessible by some streaming service (Pandora, Spotify, etc.).

So, I’ll get the ball rolling and the first person to create a playlist based off my parameters gets to decree the guidelines for the next playlist.

Here’s playlist #1. Somebody make me a playlist that includes:

1 - at least one song by an act that appeared at Woodstock (but NOT a song featured on any of the commercial Woodstock soundtracks)
2 - at least one song with the word “red” used in the title
3 - at least one cover version of a popular song
4 - at least one a capella song

1 - all songs on the list must be from no earlier than 1969 and no later than 1982
2 - the list should contain at least one country/western song and one punk rock song
3 - there should be at least two instrumentals
4 - 15 song in total on the list

And now let’s see what somebody can come up with.