Giant Spiky Things Welcome Drivers to Iowa

I need to drive cross-country again. It’s been way too long:

Well that’s a ringing endorsement.:rolleyes:

The Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty - what a bunch of wing nuts.

When the hell did those go up? I did the Lincoln-to-Des Moines run and back a month ago and didn’t notice those. From the picture I’d agree with the “Freddy Krueger hands” analogy, although maybe they look better in person.

I’m more intrigued by the new Mecca Clock tower. That’s a helluva big clock.

ETA: I’m not sure how people miss the transition from Nebraska to Iowa anyway, given that the freaking Missouri River is between the two.

Help me out here: how are giant Freddy Krueger hands representative of any kind of “Odyssey”?

Hell, I did that just weeks ago and I didn’t see it. It was late, true, but I’d think something like that would stay with me.

I think these monstrosities would make me U-turn back to Nebraska. And have these idiots actually seen the Eiffel Tower?

They represent the beauty and grace of tattered clouds clinging to the tassels of a corn plant transitioning to a bold future of wind harnessing generators. The “Odysseys” is the ongoing journey the the people of Iowa are continuing to take - boldly forging a path to the future.

I will now go and see if I can look at myself in a mirror.

Those are gateway generators for transitioning between Nebraska and Iowa.

At least they try to spruce up the state line. I don’t rate it as attractive or ugly, but it is interesting. I think one would have been better than a duo.

Those don’t look so much like “Welcome” as “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”. Of course it is Iowa we’re talking about.

“Toto - I don’t think we’re in Nebraska any more”.

It is high fucking time that state-commissioned sculpture took a turn back toward representationalism.

It looks like a tornado that went through downtown Detroit. Gross.

This is one more reason why the rest of the state pretends that the western edge does not exist.

On the other hand, if it keeps Nebraskans out of the state that is a win! :smiley:

I’ve never been there, so is there only one way into Iowa?

Through the Gates of Pain, and past the Fires of Burning Souls.

Wolverine’s Tomb.

One does not just walk into Iowa.

I think that’s what Odysseus used to gouge out Polyphemus’ eye.

Sort of a “welcome, Nebraskans! stabbity” message, I guess.

OF course not - we don’t want you contaminating us with your California-ness. Eeeww.


ETA: Its pretty ugly in person IMHO, but our state has been on quite the adventure into sculpture that I don’t care for, so meh.

I had no idea Iowa was such a terrifying place.