Giant Tetris.

Sorry if this is a repost. This has got to be the… most pointless/biggest/worst/best version of Tetris ever.

You can thank me (or beat me to a pulp) later. And I take no responsibility for what might happen to your job as a result of giving you this link.

32 minutes … for the first line

Too slow… I prefer Human Tetris.

Losing is harder than scoring points. I somehow managed to waste twelve minutes trying it and the results weren’t very satisfying. pic

If you pause it there’s a five minute counter. I kind of want to score a tetris on it but that’ll take at least an hour…

Well at least you got a pretty flower out of it.

Is there any way to make the pieces drop? That would actually make this kinda fun. You could make designs and stuff with it.

Space bar.

The Enter key was working for me.

ETA:But they drop at a more manageable speed with the space bar.

It took me 14:20 to get a Tetris. I felt like that was enough.

Wow, yours was a lot less branchy than mine. Once I got my main trunk up almost to the top, I couldn’t get the pieces sideways fast enough to make it taller, so I had to start side branches further down the trunk. Fortunately I had anticipated that, and left plenty of protrusions to build off of.

22 minutes to get a line. That was enough.

Are we confident that “” is a website whose applications should be run by nice people?

I decided to let the pieces fall at random, and see what happens.

Except for one piece…there’s one piece that’s flipped around.

In, applications run you.


Seriously, though, no one’s computer has erupted with spyware and mail-order bride ads?

Well, no more mail-order brides than I usually get…
I haven’t had any problems personally.

I left the game open to see how long it would take to lose and got about 10hrs, 30ish min (The pieces obscured the minutes, so that’s my best read.) No pics, but I also got a pretty flowery design too.

Did anyone else notice that, once in a great while, it’d give you a line that was 8 long, instead of 4?

Yep, once in a great while and it was a dark gray color.