The Tetris God [vid]

I must have played too much Tetris because I can’t stop watching this video and laughing.

The Tetris God [video]

The video is definitely SFW (G-rated). Everything on the page is SFW (PG-rated) as well, but exercise caution because I guess that could change.

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The Tetris God is a cruel and pitiless god, plus he starts sending those pieces too quickly. When will your torment end? When?

There. Is. No. Place for a square my lord!

I thought the video was going to be this.

Invisible Tetris. That’s a goddamn Lolcat, not a Tetris mode.

Something fun: when my girlfriend asks me for something, I just now bellow “LINE PIECE!”

That makes me happy.

That’s a great point; the title does imply that (more famous) video (which I agree is insane). Maybe I should have titled the thread differently.

Oh well, LINE PIECE!

If he laid the first line piece flat then he’d have another column ready. Rookie.

Loved it

Yeah, that guy made a ton of mistakes.

All those years of torture, now I know who was torturing me.

This is awesome!

True, but with four line pieces in a row, I am not sure how much it would have helped.

Huh. I always figured the Tetris God would be more Lovecraftian. All tentacles and non-euclidean geometry…