Gibson (Guitar) Icons Documentary Series. Love it!

Has anyone else been watching these?

GibsonTV Icons

If you haven’t you’re missing out because they are amazing. The format is just perfect. Beautifully shot. No interviewer on screen, no endless archival video footage, very little actual music, no guitar playing/shilling/tutorials. Just the subject telling his story with a handful of rare photos thrown in once in a while. They are long form but not TOO long, about an hour each. Even though its a Gibson show it’s not focused on Gibson guitars really at all. Even if you are not a guitar guy I highly recommend watching them because they don’t really focus on the guitars too much.

There are 5 episodes:

  1. Dave Mustaine - I was never a huge Mustaine fan but this one is really interesting. He comes across as a much more calm guy here than he does in most other interviews. Doesn’t really talk about the alcoholism much but acknowledges it multiple times. I didn’t realize he had experienced so many medical issues over his tenure. He is undeniably a metal riff savant.

  2. Kirk Hammet - This is the most I’ve ever heard Kirk speak and it was really enjoyable. It was jarring only hearing his voice for an hour because he is not typically the one talking. He had alot of great stories and seems like an extremely genuine guy who loves playing.

  3. Jerry Cantrell - Just watched this one last night and am surprised to say it was my favorite because AiC has always just been an “ok” band for me. He has lead quite a life though and I didn’t realize he was so close with EVH. His EVH stories would be unbelievable in a movie but they happened.

  4. Tony Iommi - Haven’t watched this one yet

  5. Bob Rock - Haven’t watched this one yet

I have not seen these, but thanks for posting! I’ll add them to my watching queue.

I haven’t either but thank you so much for mentioning them. I just checked the site and there’s also an episode with a discussion between Tony Iommi and Richie Faulkner. I look forward to seeing all of these, especially the Iommi and Cantrell ones as Sabbath and AIC are my two favourites - Sabbath to the extent that I have an Epiphone SG Tony Iommi signature edition.

SG eh? Where do you stand on under wrap vs. over wrap?

As something of a novice, I’ll have to check out your link before opining​:grin::guitar:

I’m going to try it next string change, but I’m such a crap player that the benefits will probably be beyond me. This guy seems to like it. There are a lot of links on it. The big downside AFAICT, is just that the strings can mar the top of the saddle. I don’t really care.

Now I get it - briefly checked out the video and then looked at my SG. Mine is not over-wrapped. And pics of Tony and with different SGs also appear to be under-wrapped. So, if under-wrapped is good enough for St. Tony, it’s good enough for me. Though my level of playing is such that it really wouldn’t make a noticeable difference.

Bookmarked for later . Thanks, looks like some good stuff.

Iommi is actually playing a guitar with a Badass-style bridge in the video above. I have one on my SG Junior, it was on there when we bought it ages ago. I love it because you can intonate the strings individually, which you can’t on the original bridge. I don’t see it providing any of the purported benefits of wrapping them around the tailpiece, but the strings are put on by wrapping them around the single tailpiece/bridge assembly.

You can get one like the old ones at: