Gift Ideas for the Geek In My Life (Jim, Stay Out!)

Any ideas for a Christmas gift for a 39 year old boy geek who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, Ferraris, and all sports except soccer (especially baseball)? I’m looking at about the $100-$150 range, and I still have time to order online if I have to.

Is he a D&D geek? Thinkgeek has a ‘bag of holding’ messenger bag that cracks me up every time I look at it.

Actually, for that matter, just peruse for most of your geek present needs. Dunno about the Ferraris, though.

Actually, that is one geekiness he missed - he and his geek buddies would play fantasy baseball rather than D&D.

Just so nobody thinks I’m a geek snob, I want most of the things I’m seeing on for myself, never mind my husband. :slight_smile:

If he doesn’t already have a Star Trek Tri-D chess set, I’m seeing them selling for anything between $70 and $500…

I can only assume he already has a Darth Tater?

Who apparently has friends I was unaware of:

How about a day’s driving?

I know this is a British site, but I am sure they have something similar in the US.

That would be very cool, but I’m not able to find anything like that in Alberta.

let’s see, Star Wars and baseball, huh? Maybe these guys sell tickets to their games:


How’s he feel about legos?

These are all pretty cool… (some a little higher than your range, though)

ForceFX Lightsaber!

I love mine. I have the Mace Windu.
You can actually hit people with it!

Lego Mindstorms!

(My geek wants some for Christmas.)

A biography of his favorite sports star/coach/franchise, perhaps?

There is a neat book called Obsessed With Star Wars available at Chapters (it appears to be in stock at all the Chapters, Indigo and Coles in Calgary) that may fit the bill. It has 2500 trivia questions and comes with an attached quiz machine thing-a-ma-bob that tells you the answers.

The majority of the questions are challenging for most adults, let alone for the Star Wars nut that is my almost 14-year-old son. He was only able to answer about 70% of them, and I could only answer one or two, but it was fun to play. It’s only around $20, but you could get it and then supplement with other gifts, I suppose.

There’s also a Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game, but it’s only available via EBay. I think I paid around $40 last year for ours, but prices vary, of course.

I don’t know if these are the kinds of ideas you want, but if I think of anything else, I’ll add more.

Be warned. I’ve had this game for about 9 years, and only played it once because no one is willing to challenge me. And the one time I did play it, I was forced to play it against a team of two (now my wife and brother-in-law) and I had to answer 10 questions to count as 1. (I still won. :wink: ) It’s a game best played by groups with similar levels of Star Wars geekery. Either all experts or all novices, but not a mixed group.

(and there are several copies available for much less than $40 here: (sorry, spoike)


I think he would like that. He’s been a Star Wars nut since 1977 (he has most of his original figures that he collected at the time, including a big Darth Vader head to store them in. :smiley: ).

Those light sabres looked good, too, but it doesn’t look like they’re selling them any longer. I’d have to check his collection of 20 or so light sabres to see if he doesn’t have them yet.

Looking for light sabres, I did find this - Obi wan Kenobi light sabre. That’s pretty cool. (I also found a Darth Vader toaster, which is also pretty cool. :smiley: )

Then there’s what appears to be a life-sized Darth Vader wall graphic. Very cool.

I think I have some online shopping to do.

Alright, the geek in my life is getting an AWESOME gift! (Assuming the mail comes in on time.)

This might be a little out of your price range, but still…

Ship is over 33" long, 22" wide and 8" tall, with 5 000 pieces.

Consider this–

Or this–

Or this–

I got that last one on pre-order, myself.

Gift Ideas For the Geek In My Life

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