Gilligan's Island -- Your Favorite Episode

Hey, all you Gilligan lovers, what is your all-time favorite episode? To come to my own answer, I picked my top 5, then narrowed it down to one. My list, in no particular order:

  1. Goodbye Old Paint – Dubov the painter visits the island.
  2. Don’t Bug The Mosquitoes – “Beatles” clones visit the island, the girls form a musical group, The Honeybees.
  3. The Invasion – A briefcase with Top Secret documents washes ashore, Gilligan handcuffs it to his wrist, and has an elaborate secret-agent dream involving everyone.
  4. The Friendly Physician – The castaways accompany a mad scientist to his lab, where there personalities are swapped by a machine. Only time the castaways left the island.
  5. So Sorry, My Island Now – A Japanese sailor in a one-man sub believes the war is still on. He captures the castaways, and Gilligan rescues them.

The winner? Don’t Bug The Mosquitos. I absolutely loved the girls in their musical part, and the names of the Mosquitos (Bingo, Bango, Bongo, and Irving) just kill me.

Anyone else?

I like the episode where they almost get off the island, but then Gilligan messes up their plan! Hahahaha. I am the funniest and most original person to have ever lived!

Actually, I’ve seen the personality swapping episode, and it’s the only one I remember. That, and this one where some guy in an ape suit got on the island, but it wasn’t that funny, so I vote for The Friendly Physician.

My favorite is the one with Vito Scotti playing the Japanese sailor (#5).

And this is really freaky–I had the same response as ThisYearsGirl planned even before I opened the thread. I bet others did, too. . . .

I love the Hamlet episode. Anybody have a link to the lyrics?


The only link I need to this episode is already in my mind. Gilligan’s Island is one of the top ten comedies ever on television, in my opinion.

Who can ever forget the episode (and I apologize for not knowing any of the titles, but there it is) where the camera and film equipment washes up on the island. Their rescue film is misinterpreted as avant garde cinema?

Or consider the episode where they have to find a “pussycat swallowtail” butterfly, and actually paint another butterfly to look like one?

Or the episode where everyone is aged by a meteorite?

Or the episode where a castaway has to survive on a deserted island to win a contest, but instead steals the GI crew’s supplies?

Or when the phone cables wash up and the rescue call reaches a couple pursuing more amorous activities?

Gilligan’s Island was palatable dada.

I love Gil’s Island! I hate how they never show it at nine on Nick at Nite, they only show that stupid Facts of Life. And before it was the Facts of Life…In Paris. Ugh. Bring back Gilligan!

My faves…

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.
Gilligan’s hair becomes white…then nonexistant. I love when he becomes “old.” And the line…(I think its from this one) “Somebody very illiterate must be living in this cave.”

Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes.

The one with the lion. Leo. That was a good one.

When Mary Anne thinks she’s Ginger.

The one when they think one of the castaways is a murderer. (Its so cheesy. How everyone acts like a “murderer” the minute they suspect one. :p)

The beauty contest one.

And…one more. Let’s see…the one with the citric fruits (or lack theorof) is good. And the Jack and the Beanstalk recreation.

I did too. In fact, that description of “Gilligan’s Island” is almost exactly how I once described the show to a foreign exchange student who had never seen it before.

I love the Hamlet one, too, but I really love the Beauty Contest one. You know, the one where all the other guys sponsor one of the girls and they make Gilligan the judge? That one cracks me up, plus I enjoy the description the guys have of what makes a woman “beautiful.”

My favorite episode is the one where Gilligan and the Skipper decide to put their hammocks together and see who really is the “little buddy.”

That’s the same episode where Mary Ann kicks the living shit out of Ginger for saying “Don’t hate me 'cause I’m beautiful.” And the Howel’s get into amateur porn.

I always like the one where the crate of mutant vegetables washes up on the island, and they all wind up with super powers. Mary Ann can see incredible distances, Mrs Howell has superhuman speed, etc.

Or the one where there’s this bush whose seeds enable them to read one another’s minds. It causes a lot of trouble and Gilligan winds up burning it. There’s a message in there about how the dumbest person on the island does the one smart thing… or something like that.

And ya know what? Reading this thread has made it painfully clear to me what a ridiculously dumb show Gilligan’s Island is :D. It’ll always be one of my favorites of all time, though.

hee hee hee

Okay, in reality, this is my favorite episode. I particularly like the remark made by MaryAnn (threadworthy all by her lonesome…mmmmmmmmmmm) when viewing the multi-pronged carrot: “the last time I saw something like this, it was under one of our cows!”


Anyone remember the one when the castaways find the silent movie equipment and they attempt to make a movie about how they got shipwreaked? The Skipper in silent movie make-up, pointing to a map and saying: “This is Hawaii…”
First of all, there’s no sound and second: why does this film they’re putting together need a plot? Write down what happened, where they (think they) are and ship it off with the equipment…if that’s found, so will their notes.

Now…back to MaryAnn…

Poohpah are you actually questioning the logic of a Gilligan’s Island episode? I mean, why don’t you just explain how it is impossible for Bugs Bunny to run in the air before turning around and getting back to the cliff?

…well, just the one, of course Biggirl…I have no problem with any of the other episodes.

…should I?


Just want to announce that Elkman kicks ass!

He sent me the lyrics to the Hamlet episode!

Neither a borrower nor a lender be…*

Thanks again, Elkman!


If anyone else has specific questions or requests, I have many Gilligan’s Island resources (books X5, trading cards w/factoids X2, most episodes on tape, etc.). Email me specifics, and I’ll do my best to answer you!

I love the episode where maryanne and ginger accidentally eat a berry that acts as an aphrodesiac and invite the professor to join them in some experiments of their own. Then I showed up and… hmmmm wait a minute. Nevermind I was thinking of something different altogether.

My favorites are:
[list=1][li]The radioactive vegetables[/li][li]The one where Gilligan dreams he’s a secret agent[/li][li]The one where Gilligan dreams he’s a vampire (bitten by a vampire bat?)[/li][li]The giant cheesy-ass spider[/li][/list=1]
Overall, it’s one of my favorite comedy shows.

Please share. I think I know most of the lyrics, and they’re sung to the music of the opera “Carmen”.

Definitely the episode about the radioactive vegetables. I love that one.

The dream sequences are always good, too. Their episode when they were in Victorian England and Mary Ann had a cockney accent and went around explaining that the Professor taught her to “speak loik a loidy.” Whenever someone would hear this they’d cry, “You beast!” and take a swing at the Professor.

When Gilligan picks up the tree with one hand, there is very funny trombone music in the background. I figured out how to play it on my own 'bone (please, spare me) and would sometimes stand up and play it solo at football games at UVa after a good play. It was amazing how many people recognized it.