Best episode of "Gilligan's Island"?

My favorite series ever.

For favorite episodes I’d say would be “Ghost a Go Go” where there was a ghst on the island. The episode really scared me as a kid and yet still had some hilarious parts.

I actually did get scared of that one too!

But for me, the single best episode is the one where the mad scientist switches their brains all around.

The one where the Mars probe lands on the island. Through a series of gilligan fuck ups they end up feathered and the scientists in Houston thing that Mars is inhabited by chicken people.

I liked the episode where they did a musical version of Hamlet.

The Maryann thinks she is Ginger episode

There was a “best” episode? Like asking for the best episode of McHales Navy.

Kevin McHales navy?

Seconded. To the music of Carmen.

All of the space-related ones were great, but the one with the Russian cosmonauts was the best.
“I got question: How mad is Moscow?”
“I got answer: How cold is Siberia?”

“That Gilligan! He is too stupid to be stupid!”
“He is probably cleverest one of them all!”

“How about that? A Russian wolfhound!”

“Capitalists! Exploiters!”
“I was wrong, Lovey. They’re very friendly!”*


My favorite is the one where they were about to get off the island and Gilligan screwed it up at the end.

That’s the first episode I ever saw.

But this is my favorite.

How about the one with the citrus fruits, where Gilligan dreams about Mary Ann in a French maid outfit? :o

Too specific. :dubious:

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Thirded. Not only an appearance by the great Phil Silvers as the blase bigshot producer Harold Hecuba, but an acting tour de force by the method-trained, highly underrated Tina Louise as Ginger tries to land a role in his movie.

Having filled one of the bottles of vodka with water the night before and marking it, the castaways declined the bottle (with the hard stuff) handed to them because, “it’s not a good year”.

One of the cosmonauts then offered the bottle (with water) smirking, “Perhaps this one will be better for the soft Americans”.

The castaways all heartily agreed, “Oh yes, THAT’s a good year!”

Cold War propaganda at its best, as the clever, temperant Americans out-think the snide, bumbling, drunken commies. But they still didn’t get off the island!

More like “the dumb-but-lucky” Americans, just like on Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Can we vote for the tv movie “Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island”? The final on screen appearance of the husband and wife team of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. Consider that as warning of what happens to you if you break your contract and try to leave “Mission Impossible” (as Bain did to support her husband who didn’t have a contract).

How about the one with the giant spider! It had to be the fakiest looking costume but it was still pretty scary.

And then about any episode that involves a gorilla.

“Neither a bow’rer nor a lender be… do not forget… stay out of debt.” Loved the Skipper singing this, though at the time I knew the tune more as the STP jingle.

Also liked the one where they think one of them is a murderer.