"Gimme More"- Britney's new single is the fastest charting song in history

For those of you that have been out of the loop for the last 24 hours (probably doing important things like caring for your children or working. Pshaw, I say! :wink: ), less than 24 hours ago, gossip website PerezHilton.com leaked a full length new single from none other than Britney Spears, titled “Gimme More.” I will say the leak certainly seems very intentional on someone’s part, because the version he had was high quality and full length.

Since then,Britney’s Official MySpace has been updated with the song. Pop on over for a listen.

I have to say, the song is good. Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way, because in less than 24 hours, her single is already #80 on the Bilboard charts and #1 on Z100 (one of the biggest radio stations in the country).

Perez Hilton even put up a remix someone made with Britney and rapper T.I. which I (and again, it seems lots of folks) feel is much better. Check it out.

So, I know Dopers generally hate pop and I know if there’s one thing y’all hate more than pop, it’s Britney. But what do you guys think?

There was no need for her to call me a bitch :frowning:

You’re kidding, right? The song I heard on Perez Hilton was HORRENDOUS. She did some kind of high-voiced yelping at the beginning that was simply unbearable. I don’t like Britney, but I can appreciate good pop, and the song was awful!

[fake edit] I checked, and no, it’s a different song. TERRIBLE, but a different song…[/fake edit]


I liked it, thought the TI version was better, but then I never had a problem with her music to begin with.

Shes been nothing short of a trainwreck lately and I really want her to do well and change it all around. Whether it will happen or not remains to be seen.

If there’s one thing Britney can do right, it’s her pop music. I’ve been a fan of hers for years and yet she’d begun to annoy me with all her antics. I’m surprised she’s won me (and many others) over again with this single.

There were two others that Perez had previously posted- one was a joke she made for when she was on Punk’d and the other is supposedly something that was never intended to be released.

Gimme More, on the other hand, seems to be an intentional release. I guess if you don’t like pop music I can see where you’d think it was terrible, but other than that I think most would agree it’s a solid pop song.

I’m totally with you. I never thought I’d find myself listening to a single of hers again after all she’s done. But here I am listening to it, wanting to dance.

It’s mediocre and forgettable.
It’ll go platinum, baby.

It’s alright. She should have had Timbaland produce it.

Does Billboard really publish daily hot 100 charts? If not, debuting at #80 on a weekly chart is not a big deal. And my guess, any requests to hear it are just to see if she sounds coherent- most fans of hers should have moved on in the past few years.

It’s not so bad. The keyboard/synth sound in the beginning kind of reminded me of a slowed down snippet of Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction which prompted me to go watch the (incredibly awesome) video for the millionth time. So, for that reason alone, it gets one thumb up from me. But it’s not such a bad song, and I am most definitely not a Brit fan.

What are some other songs I should compare this to, so as to be able to decide how it stands up as an example of its genre?

As it stands, the song seems… uninspired…


The fastest charting single in the history of what?

The Beatles’ Can’t Buy Me Love entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #27 and the next week it was #1.

Do not want!

I thought it was mediocre at best. She’ll need Justin Timberlake’s help if she ever wants to get her sexy back. Girl’s a trainwreck, and many that used to find her sexy are just disgusted with her now.

Honestly, I thought Popo Zao was better. That’s really sad.

It’s pretty weak - there’s not really a hook, unless you count the “gimme gimme,” in which case there’s an incredibly weak semi-hook. Nowhere near “slave 4 U” or “toxic,” her two hottest songs to date.

I just listened to it. At first I thought, “Hey, don’t call me bitch, bitch!” Then I started looking around for a stripper pole. I’m sorry, but to me it totally sounds like something to strip to. :wink:

Seriously, though, I think it might actually get played in the clubs, if the public can get past Britney’s recent antics.

Best. Post. EVER!*

I agree 100%. If this weren’t by Britney Spears no one would be paying attention to it. It pains me that this will soar to the top of the charts when pop songs a thousand time better have always been ignored. And yes, I actually DO like pop.

  • Well, maybe not, this is the Dope after all, where great posts abound, but I sure liked it.

Yeah, butt, did they every get their respective crotches photographed by the paps numerous times?


If they said bad things about her crotch, would that make it a pap smear?


Drag him out and shoot him. I’ll swear out the warrant later.


Well, it seems like she paid Fed-Ex to get her voice mails back. I got through the first line of sung material. The deeper end of her vocal range is more pleasant to listen to and sexier to boot. The rhythm sounded pretty wooden. I couldn’t sustain interest in this, and since I no longer belong to a gym, I’m unlikely to hear this song again.