Gina Gershon and David Arquette (Conan)

Anyoen else see Conan last night? Is david arquette always soooo stoned or on drugs? Or is he just THAT stupid? And how’d they give an interior decorating show to someone who makes MY fashion choices look good???

And man, isn’t Gina just THE sexiest woman alive? I mean anyoen who’d come on TV and confess to wanting a noodle-jacuzzi-bodypaint orgy is my kind of gal.

Gina is in my top ten sexiest women alive, that’s for sure. Something about her just makes me melt. I wish I could’ve seen that!

I agree, Gina is a hot woman.

Never got the appeal of Arquette and was terribly disappointed with Courtney Cox married him. I agree, he seems stoned all the time.

Yeah, why was she on a Friday night!? Damn, wish I could’ve seen her.

Anyone see Prey for Rock & Roll? Very hot in that.

I don’t know that Ms. Gershon is the sexiest woman alive, but she’s definitely near the top.

BTW, tonight I was at the (2nd) birthday party of a niece. A friend of her grandfather’s was their with his trophy wife. I’ve seen them at various familial get-togethers over the years, and tonight was the first time I’ve ever noticed that she’s a dead-ringer for Gina Gershon. Oddly, though, despite that, I’ve never considered her “sexy,” but that might just be because of her “trophy” status.