Giraffe kisses dying zoo worker final goodbye

Subject says it all, really.

This article is bittersweet. Damn but it’s dusty here.

Nice, moving. I’m glad Mario got his wish, and then what a response from those giraffes!

Thanks for sharing.

Fine, make me cry at work!

hayfever! can’t prove otherwise.

What a sweet story

Very touching. I find it unfortunate that so many humans either can’t or won’t see how much other animals “feel” for others.


Stop cutting onions!

Take THAT, Copenhagen Zoo! You bastards.

Inside sources report that the zoo’s rare exhibit of exclusively carnivorous giraffes expressed disappointment at having such a delicious meal abruptly yanked away. The giraffe leader indicated that he had just finished perfectly seasoning his food with his saliva and was all set to unleash his mighty and terrifying incisors when the zoo workers cruelly wheeled the man out. The giraffe leader said that his pack will simply have to resume its diet of children who have wandered off.

My Dane kisses me on the cheek when I’m upset. It’s by no means a normal behavior for him, as physically bonded and affectionate as he is (=very. very very.) But if I’m truly upset about something and sitting down, he will very deliberately walk up, touch his muzzle to my cheek and walk away.

It’s a sweet story. Thanks.