Girl giving young William Wallace thistle of Scotland

Does anyone know where I might find a still image of the part of the film “Braveheart” (1995) where the little girl (“Young Murron MacClannough”) gives the boy (“Young William Wallace”) a thistle flower in a white handkerchief?

The scene was William’s father’s funeral. Ahh… still brings tears to me eyes just thinkin’ of it.



Well, noblebaron, being a rather nocturnal college student home on break, I saw this pretty much right when you posted it and got to work immediately. After a few hours of idly googling while reading various webcomics, I could find only one picture of this scene. I found three actually, but they are all simplying varying sizes and qualities of the same image. Upon finding the third, which was the only one of decent size, I hopped back to this thread ready for action… only to find that my subscription had lapsed while I wasn’t looking. “Curses!” said I, as I bookmarked the pic and made a mental note to do something about that subscription. Well, here I am and here it is:

Your link is broken, my owlish friend.

Try this:

And in case that doesn’t post right, here is the link, broken into 2 parts. Copy & paste into browser as one big URL. ~TroubleCat/Braveheart/bh11.jpg

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This one will work - make sure to erase the space between the “” and “~TroubleCat/etc.”