Revenge is Sweet (or Payback is a B*tch)

What movies have the best bang-for-buck revenge/payback scenes.

My favorite has to be Braveheart. The part where Wallace’s wife is killed by the English sheriff and he then comes back into town and takes out all the soldiers and the sheriff himself kicking him down a hill and then cutting his throat.

It had all the right elements.

  1. The enemy made you loathe him. He killed Wallace’s wife is a horrible way and bullied all the other townspeople.

  2. Payback was swift. You didn’t have to wait till the end of the movie for the payback. You were still enraged at the enemy.

  3. The payback was a b*tch. The enemy looked frightened for his life and knew what was coming. And got humiliated first. And saw he was about to bite it.

So what other movies had great payback scenes?

I want my father back you son of a bitch!

Er, to be more specific: The Princess Bride

Inigo: offer me money (slashes one of Rugen’s cheeks)
Rugen: yes
Inigo: power too, promise me that (slashes his other cheek)
Rugen: all that I have and more please
Inigo: offer me everything I ask for
Rugen: anything you want
Inigo: I want my father back you son of a bitch! (runs him through)

Marv’s story from Sin City. He’s framed for Goldie’s murder. He goes on a rampage and murders just about everyone involved.

Here’s a recent comeuppance thread.

Two for me:

  1. Ladyhawke. As the eclipse happens, Ysabeau walks across the cathedral and hands the bishop her tresses, without saying a word. Then Navarre kills him.

  2. Cinderella. At the end, the stupid, clumsy step-sisters have destroyed the glass slipper, and all looks lost… until Cinderella says, “But, your Excellency… I have the other glass slipper…”

Okay, 3.

  1. Wizards. “Let me show you a spell mom never showed you…” pulls out a gun “I’m glad you changed your last name, you son of a bitch…”

Hopscotch. Matthau vs. Ned Beatty.

High Plains Drifter…'nuff said.

Well, Payback, of course.

What, no Shawshank Redemption?? “Redemption” is much more powerful than run-of-the-mill “payback”. “Payback” waxes “Redemption”'s shoes and does its taxes.

I actually like a different one from the same movie. It’s the part where the English send the princess (I think) to talk to William Wallace and convince him to meet with the English to negotiate a truce. In actuality, it’s a trap designed to lure Wallace in and kill him.

He and a couple of men show up and without saying a word, push the guards in and barricade the doors. They then douse the entire cottage in oil and burn them all alive. A great scene where they turn the tables on the attackers.

Another from the movie…After Wallace and the princess actually do meet… and sleep together. And I’m prett ysure this is even after Wallce is put to death. The princess whispers into the dying King’s ear something akin to “The heir that I carry isn’t from your line.”

Wallace gets some revenge from beyond.


Kill Bill. Pretty much from beginning to end, really.

I love the multiple The Crow movies for the ultimate revenge fantasy: brutally killing those who brutally killed you.


I didn’t know women could get pregnant with THAT kind of sex!

What, Scottish?

Porky’s 2
Porky’s Revenge

Real Genius. The popcorn in the professor’s house was awesome.