"Girls become women by growing older; boys become men by accomplishing something."

The Daily Show 01/28/13 – segment on the Pentagon’s decision to allow women in combat. Samantha Bee is interviewing Kingsley Browne (author of Co-Ed Combat: The New Evidence that Women Shouldn’t Fight the Nation’s Wars), and he tosses off the above quote quite matter-of-factly at the 9:04 mark.

Had that been said anywhere in America in, say, 1965, even the women in the room would have nodded without hesitation. But feminism has changed our society a lot – I’m just wondering how many people share that belief any more.

Unfortunately, I still think there are a lot of women who would be happy to be called girls, and no men who want to be called boys.

That quote made my hackles go up, even without watching the video and getting any context I want to slap this Kingsley Browne person upside the head.
I’m female.

Samantha Bee’s response to it: “Have you ever actually met any women?”

Browne: “Yes, several.”

Bee: “Any woman who didn’t want to strangle you?”

It might be worth finding out if he was expressing his own opinion, or commenting about societal attitudes.

Ha! I suppose I ought to watch the video.

True, and see my other comment. Off to watch the video now.

That’s still a common attitude in my opinion. Women get the respect of an adult just by reaching adulthood; men have to prove their worth or be considered immature or outright vermin. As it happens I just recently re-read an old American Psychological Association article named "Is There Anything Good About Men?" that was linked to on the SDMB a while back that touched on this.

I think the statement still holds a lot of truth; cultures change slowly. Not saying that I like it, mind you, just that I think it’s still a valid point.

However, Kingsley Browne seems to have written The Bell Curve For Gender several times over. I’d be a lot likelier to buy the concept for this book (regarding women in combat) if he hadn’t already claimed that the little ladies aren’t really qualified for the workplace so naturally they shouldn’t expect equal treatment.

I’ll see if the library has any of them. And if I can manage to read them.

OK. Watched that segment. Kingsley Browne is an anachronistic, backwards, misogynistic, crusty old fart.

I am not disputing that there are women who enjoy the helpless little girl/little woman/good wifey/depend on teh man role. Unfortunately, and shame on them - women like that deserve all the scorn and infantilization they get. However there are many strong, self-actualized and independent women who are actually capable of serving in combat, taking out the trash, driving a vehicle and changing light bulbs. :rolleyes:

Watch how he blinks maniacally and repeatedly at that question, then mumbles. :smiley:

That was a great interview. And it shows what is wrong with American journalism by contrast. The old fashioned dude looked like he had been hit upside the head by a two by four and was shocked that he was called on his bullshit. This would never happen on a real news program.

Ditto. I want to go yell “Seriously? How stupid are you?” at someone now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even without Samantha Bee’s zinger it’s not good for him. I mean, really:

Out of a group that comprises half the human race, you’ve met…several. How very outgoing. Having fun in that monastery?

Actually, I took that as “ironic understatement.”

I loved that. Also, the soldier in that interview was awesome.

To the idea in the OP - 50 years ago, it would have been more accurate to say “girls become women by getting married and giving birth,” just getting older wasn’t enough - or at least not until they were very old. Women who hadn’t done the former were still expected to be in their parents’ house and weren’t really “grown up.” Women who hadn’t done the latter weren’t considered real adults, yet, though they were on the road. Women who did those things out of the expected order were the downfall of society.

Of course the opinion he stated is offensive – but that is his First Amandment right.

Can anyone imagine what would if a man threatened a woman (even a male basher) with violence?

Remind me… are men far more often assaulted, abused and killed by women, or is it the other way around?

Children are mostly assaulted, abused and killed by women, while adults of either sex are mostly assaulted, abused and killed by men.

Nevertheless threatening violence against anyone should be unacceptable.

The “first amendment right” is a complete fallacy. And you really ought to be ashamed of yourself for even bringing it up. Seriously.
Check number n here:

B: Very carefully, think about scenario #2.
Carefully and thoughtfully, now. This requires understanding of nuance: if you don’t have that, you won’t get it.

Wouldn’t surprise me, but, still, cite?