Give Marley23 a heads up--What do you want your SDMB "in Memoriam" entry to say about you?

In Memoriam is a thread that lists the dear departed Dopers with a blurb about who they were and what they contributed to the Boards.

I want mine to say:

Theatre lover and wordsmith.

"Silenus - “Royal pain-in-the-ass rat-bastard. He will be sorely missed.”

He hasn’t posted in over a year, so he’s dead or good as dead.

“Thought the ‘what do you want your SDMB in Memoriam entry to say?’ thread was a bit morbid.”

That or “admit it, you laughed”.

If I do die you’ll probably never find out anyway because my SO thinks my obsession with the SDMB is creepy (although she wants to attend a DopeFest).

“Everyone liked her just fine till she became a mod.” :frowning:

“Not a man.”

Christ, did he owe a lot of money!

“worth zero points”

He was too much of an ass by half.

We often considered giving him a courtesy banning.

Maybe I should request a name change too. R.I.P.

Pining for the fjords

I hated that one eared, big nosed bitch

ZipperJJ - she didn’t bother us much.

Surly by name, softy by nature.

He had bad protoplasm, but he done his best.

Which one was she?

Thank Og. We were all pretty sick of his shit.

pedescribe, Town Doublevoter, is dead.

Fire Omar Minaya.

Covered in Bees - He was, well, covered in bees!