Great Dopers of yesteryear

What Dopers do you miss around here? I know there’s been threads on this before. Not sure if there’s been any lately.

Off the top of my head:

Cinnamon Girl
Sentient Meat
Wesley Clark


A true gentleman. Those who didn’t like him can bite me. We are the poorer for his absence.


A fine fellow in GD & the Pit.

Sharp sense o humor.

andygirl (haven’t heard from her in a while)
Geobabe (still posts, but not enough)
SwimmingRiddles (been gone for several years)

Nobody misses Wally?

I miss Eve

Satisfying Andy Licious

Homer. I mean, come on, Homer! Monkey butlers! Mackdonna handheld shoehorn butterhorse! Bloody hell, if that’s not art I don’t know what is.

gobear and grendel are two posters that I remember fondly.


Fenris. Sharp, pointed wit when it was needed, and a number of interesting things to say always.

And I’ll third Zenster.

Ditto, and Jinwicked and Sofa King.

Master Wang-ka. I don’t know if he’s still a member or not, but his stories were up there with Sampiro and Cervaise and Scylla. As in, peeing in your pants rolling on the floor gut-busting funny.

Ilsa Lund
manhattan (The “hall monitor” quote is a classic!)

Wildest Bill was a crazy but funny one years ago. He still lives on in the “gotcha ya” comments.

Wesley Clark - I liked his questions. They were deeper than the dumber assholes of the board will ever realize and some people taunted enough to chase him away. Shame on them.

jinwicked and Kn*ckers .

And mushrooms. Don’t forget posting under the influence of 'shrooms.

manhattan (The “hall monitor” quote is a classic!)

Would you point me in the right direction (maybe a link :wink: -I have searched and searched but can’t find it.
Thanks a million!

Persephone , Satan , Upham

I miss Persephone a alot. Mostly closer to the time they bring peeps around or when I’m knitting something. :frowning:

Reeder. I spent many evenings reading his rants on Bush in the Pit.