Who's missing that you really want to see on the Board?

Title says it all.

Stranger on a Train, though it seems he dropped out around June 1.

I still miss Eve.

Baby driver

I miss Eve too. And so many others. But Beck is here. And Purple. Celebrate what we can.

I’d love to see Mr Quatro post on November 4th.

If there was a list of the top 100 posters (by number of posts) who have been banned I think there are a number who are significantly missed. Many of them said interesting things [although according to the mods they crossed a line.]

Amateur Barbarian is someone whose posts I liked [he got divorced, moved from New England to Denver–and quit posting.]

Sampiro is missed.

Bone and Bricker for me. I loved reading their views on things and they were a thoughtful counter point to most of the threads they participated in.

And aha if only because of this disgusting but hilarious thread.

AB took a lot of shit from the folks on the other board. But I agree he was interesting to read.

spiceweasel, stranger on a train, shagnasy

Also I forgot her handle, but the woman who grew up in poverty, then lived in DC raising her kid with her husband. Forget her handle though.

Even Sven or something like that?

Is this a thread about banned posters? I expected it to be about people who have drifted away, or stopped posting with the new software, or died, or …

Yes, that’s what I meant @puzzlegal

Yup that was her name, thank you

I believe Even Swen was a student who travelled extensively and studied in China.

She was. Then I think she settled in DC with her husband and raised a kid.

@WhyNot keeps popping her head in and then leaving for years at a time. We could use her back!

I havn’t seen @Ambivalid.