Where are they now?...

Just saw an old thread linked from a current BBQ thread with a poster I’ve not seen here for a while:

Great Sun Jester, formerly, Inigo Montoya.
He was good people. Maybe he still lurks. If so, hey!

Who do you miss?

An Arky. He used to post a lot, last posted over a year ago, but really cut way back about five years ago. We’ve emailed back and forth a couple of times, he’s fine, just not into posting as much as he used to.

Jodi. A witty and wise lawyer, she stopped posting in 2009, stopped back in in 2013 to post about OpalCat’s death.

A woman who said she was a coroner whose user name I have forgotten. I think she was hounded away from the board by skeptics.

People that are long gone -

Mr. Cynical
Master Wang-Ka

I also miss the coroner (I can’t remember her name, but her threads were always awesome).

Wasn’t her name Gabriela?

I remember when Exprit, SP?, used to post, his love of Tigger Woods was funny.

I miss everybody, but I’m practicing.

As for the other, you thinking of Esprix?

I miss Kythereia, Anaamika, Auntbeast, Shirley Ujest, Jodi, Campion, vetbridge, Susie Derkins, SnakesCatLady, AmazonFloozyGoddess, Miss Purl Mcknittington, Anastaseon, MsWhatsit, Kalhoun, iampunha and so many more.

I don’t remember what brought her to mind, but the other day I was wondering whatever happened to SwimmingRiddles.

Maui Lion At last report he had was recovering from a deadly accident.
mangeorge Last posted in 2014.
WallyM7 (Yeah, I know, but someone was behind that name.)
Krispy Original fka Contestant #3
ralph124c He’s been ‘suspended’, but not ‘banned’ for a couple of years now.

He’s out in California these days, with someone who’s either his partner or his second wife. They’ve just had a daughter, and her half-brother here in Sweden is thrilled about it.

I thought Master Wang-Ka was posting again, but it looks like he hasn’t been here since December.

Yes, he made an all-too-brief reappearance after a hiatus of some years.

I always wonder what happened to GorillaMan and owlstretchingtime, fellow Brits and football fans.

Voyager hasn’t posted in almost six months now. I hope he’s okay.

Cunctator. He stopped posting a couple of years ago.

I miss all the weird ones. the “pyjama pants girl” guy, the person who had people spying on her from the apartment overhead, and the people with “would you shoot your baby” hypotheticals, and the gen-u-ine 9/11 truthers and moonhoaxers.

I mean anyone can create a nice OP about Star Trek or TV shows, but it takes a special mind to come up with the most weirdly interesting OPs.

Kn*ckers and Tars Tarkas are missed in Trek Doping threads.

In fact, most of the fun Trek Doping is gone now, so many threads being taken over by whining and needless nit picking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for nit picking, the way we did it in the Guild anyways. But current Trek threads tend to nit pick “3rd draft typos of place names” type of things. Wearisome.

Kel Varnsen - Latex Division is the only one I know of with a shoot your baby hypothetical

Indigo Montoya, and his/her awesome sig:

‘…you have crushed my flowers, prepare to dye.’ :smiley:

Hey, Don’t Fight the Hypothetical List.


I miss blinkie. :frowning:

I also kind of miss the bombastically entertaining “my post is my cite” guy, whose name I can’t recall.

A Clockwork Melon’s activity had slowed down throughout 2016, he hasn’t been on in c. 3 months or so now.

Huh, Anaamika hasn’t been on in 9 months. IIRC she said that she was fed up with something or somebody here, and that is why she was leaving…10 posts on 7-25, and then…silence.