Give me back my sleep, Gary Cole

Gary Cole popped up recently in Desperate Housewives as a menacing sort of chap. As soon as I saw his name in the opening credits, I had an instant image of his face. For the life of me, though, I don’t know where I formed such an accurate image of him.

All about Gary Cole:

Now I’ve seen a lot of that stuff, so there’s no mystery to why his face is so familiar. But nothing there seems likely to have stuck his name and face so well in my head.

Where do I know you from, Gary Cole?

Bill Lumberg from Office Space.

Ummm, yeah . . .

“Hell, Lumberg fucked’er.”


From Wikipedia:

I remember him best from Midnight Caller.

ETA: His webpage:

Younger audiences would remember him as Mike Brady in the Brady Bunch movies, starring next to Shelley Long as Carol Brady.

I thought you were talking about Gary Coleman, the midget child sitcom actor.
Or Gary Collins, the guy who used to do some mattress-for-old-people commercial.

Especially the dream sequence where Lumberg is screwing Aniston while drinking from his coffee mug.

He was also freaky evil in the series American Gothic.

He was recently on the midseason finale of Psych! in a Lumberg-esque role.

On a tangent, why does Monk need voice actors?

Yeah. Lucas Buck is one of the most amazing characters there’s ever been.

Gary Cole is, probably, my number one on the list of insanely underrated actors. He even shone in that ridiculous “maverick vigilante cops living in an abandoned warehouse” show.

Thanks all - I remember seeing him in a lot of the things posted about here, but still can’t quite pinpoint where his name and face got fixed in my mind.

Maybe I never will. Serenity now…

That’s what I immediately thought of, and I’ve all but forgotten that series. I should really check it out again.

They were small parts but Gary Cole and Jason Bateman were hilarious as the announcers in Dodgeball.

AKA “Andy Griffith: AntiChrist”.

I sat next to him in a movie theater once.
Well, I left a few empty seats so as not to creep him out.

Same movie theater where I once used a urinal right next to Ron Jeremy!

Yes. Yes, you should.

The main role I remember is him in that movie about the military guy who killed his family and used the “sleepwalking” defense.

The second Vice President on West Wing?