Give me new ideas for "What's up?"

“What’s up?” is becoming too bland as a greeting. I’ve been using stuff like “What’s happenin’” and “What’s cookin’?” which have worked well. I’d like some suggestions for new phrases to use.

“Good afternoon my good man. How is this day treating you?”


Why you gots to be pullin’ a knife on me?!

I ain’ts be gotten no weapon!




(whats new?)


“Hi! Splanky. shake hand Rush chairman, damn glad to meet ya.”

QaQ jaj Daq SoH loD

(that’s klingon, apparently)


“Hello it is your excellency one of what kind of type it spreads out? My thing is good, until now”

call me old fashion, but I’ve never had a problem with “Hi, how are you?”

/Office Space ON

Hello, Splanky. What’s happening.
Yeah …


I’ve been going with “greetings and salutations” after using “hallo” for the past while.

[sub]Hope some folks get the reference…[/sub]

“On the go, big guy?”

Cape Breton-ese.

I normally use the phrases “how goes it?” and “how fairest thee?” when I become bored of “what’s up?” and “how’s it going?” Works quite well, but is a bit anachronistic.

What’s crappening?

or my personal favorite

'allo love.

"zappenin’ "
"What’s shakin’ "
“What’s the dilly-o”
“Zup, dawg”
Many more, but these will suffice

G’day mate!

Would your majesty like tea?

You could always use a bit of slang from this side of the pond:


“How’d you do?”

or the South African “Howzit?”

Or to enlarge on garius’s suggestion, “Wotcha, cock.”

In Dublin “What’s the story” is quite popular usually shortened to “Story?”

Here in the UK it is common to greet people with “You alright?” - when I first got here it was rather disconcerting, because I felt that I must look like something was wrong if they needed to ask, but after a couple of years, I use it myself :frowning:

Another suggestion:“Good Moaning” - from 'Allo 'Allo


Also in Dublin, the ubiquitous standard greeting seems to be “How’s it going?” To which the obligatory response is “grand”.