Give me the perfect meatloaf recipe

I would like to make the perfect meatloaf, so give me your recipes, please.

I find that this is best when kept simple - the more I’ve messed with my meatloaf the more messed up it got.
2 to 2.5 lbs ground beef (I prefer around 90% lean).
(optional)1 lb ground Italian sausage.
4 pieces of white bread (you may cut the crusts off if you don’t like it - they won’t “dissolve” in the mix). I seem to be one of the few people who prefers bread to bread crumbs, it just seems to hold it together better.
1-2 eggs (put one egg in to start, if it seems a little dry add another).
2 packets of lipton soup mix (preferably beefy onion).
3/4 cup parmesan cheese.
(optional) 1/2 of a medium sized yellow onion (diced).
(optional) 1 cup chopped mushrooms).

Mash it all together with your hands (don’t over-mix, just mix until everything’s combined). If you wear plastic gloves it’s easier to clean your hands after, plus it’s more sanitary.
Form it into a loaf and put into a covered pan.
Bake on 350 for an hour and a half.

I’d like to know. I’ve tried everything, store bought, home-made, and it comes out different every single time!

I’ve used this one for years and it always gets rave reviews. Also makes excellent cold meatloaf sandwiches.

Serves: 8
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 1 Hour

1/2 cup Heinz 57® Sauce
1/4 cup Lea & Perrins® Worcestershire Sauce
2 lbs. Lean ground beef
1/3 cup Finely chopped onion
1 cup Plain dry breadcrumbs
2 Eggs, lightly beaten

If you like cooking with a domed barbecue grill, try this:

ground beef


free-form on a pan


You can also free-form them into smaller single-serving size portions, so you get more crust. Those leftovers make an excellent lunch, too.

I always glaze mine with ketchup or sometimes ketchup mixed with barbecue sauce. W-shire sauce is mandatory in the mix, as are finely diced onions and garlic.

Bat Out of Hell, a lava lamp, a significant other, and intoxicants of your choice.

I use this recipe, except I drain the diced tomatoes and don’t use peppers. Also, I break up the diced tomatoes a bit, to make smaller pieces.

If you don’t use three meats, you aren’t gonna have the perfect meatloaf.

Classic is beef-pork-veal.

I prefer beef-pork-lamb.

If you can get a hold of some ground venison to mix with ground beef, it makes a big difference. You wouldn’t even think regular meatloaf was tough until you see how tender venison makes it.

Also, bacon- either chopped up in the mix or laid on top while baking.

IMHO, beef and pork are sufficient. Veal and pork I use to make meatballs. With beef and lamb, add some cumin and you’ve got gyros meat.

When I make meat loaf, I like to add minced sun-dried tomatoes and maybe some smoked paprika. For the glaze, I mix ketchup with Muscovado dark brown sugar and slather it over the top of the baked loaf, then return it to the oven for another fifteen minutes or so. Pure heaven!

Lea and Perrin’s in the raw meat is mandatory. I also like to use dried onion flakes in the mix because they retain so much of the meat’s moisture.

I find panko breadcrumbs are superior to any other sort.

I am still very fond of the classic Bill Blass meatloaf recipe, I call it designerloaf. It doesn’t do anything crazy, but serves very well as a basic, tasty meatloaf.

I forgot to add: chopped green peppers, too! Plus eggs and Carnation evaporated milk.

My Beloved’s favorite so far is from post #2. By the way, we fully intend to try out the some of these recipes and let you know the results later.

Tuscan Meatloaf - non-traditional, but this is our personal favorite.

I have no idea what their recipe is, but if you want to taste the perfect meatloaf, go to the Cafe Cornucopia in Bisbee, Arizona, and get their meatloaf sandwich.

Dear heavens, was that good.

Woot I am in the lead!
Let me know how it turns out!

1 to 1 1/2 pounds very lean ground beef (I like to use 93/7 when I’m using bacon)
4 oz (usually this is four slices) of bacon, either ground or chopped fine
1 cup spicy V-8 (you can use regular V-8 or tomato juice if you prefer)
1 egg
1 packet Lipton beefy onion soup
Some Worchestershire (I love the stuff, so I use a lot)
1/2 to 1 sleeve of saltine crackers

Beat the egg. Put in the soup packet and the V-8 so the onions can soften. You can add the Worchestershire to this. I usually leave it alone for 30 minutes, then start mixing the meatloaf.

For the sauce: ketchup, mustard or mustard seed, apple butter, Worchestershire, vinegar, and hot sauce.

I think I learned it here on the Dope, but a bit of chorizo (like 1/4 of a sausage) mixed in to a basic recipe makes an excellent meatloaf. My wife, who isn’t really a fan of spicy food, raves about it.