Give up your computer or your TV?

In 1998 70% of the people said they would give up their TV instead of their computer.

In 2000, I’d give up my TV too. Cause it’s easier to make you computer a TV than the TV a computer.

Also, programming is degrading into nearly 100% shit.

…Normal, Ohio…about a gay John Goodman?

…DAG, with David Alan Grier…enough said.
The only quality new show this season, in my opinion, is Boston Public.

Down with TV!

I would definitely give up the TV, but I am into video games. If all I used the computer for was the internet and other non-gaming stuff, I would do without the home PC - I spend all day surfing the net from work, and I rarely go online when I get home.

I would have to give up my TV too. There are too many things that can be done on computers to give them up.

Besides, they don’t let me download porn at work. :wink:

gave up my tv a while ago …

TV. I can accomplish things on my computer. With my TV, all I do is watch TV.

What’s TV? :slight_smile:

My knee jerk reaction is to say my TV. But if I look at it from a perspective of not making the most productive use of my time, then it’s the computer which must go. TV I can take or leave. The SDMB however, has clearly become an addiction.

Of course, my bosses would likely have some issues with me giving up my computer, since it’s used by me to do 75% of my work. [sub](Statistic made up on the spot.)[/sub]

The television’s on for about three hours a week. I dropped the satelite programing a year ago. I use the internet like I used the library as a kid. Pick what I’m interested in that night and research it. I look at the internet as one big library. I don’t know if I’ll replace the television when it dies.

The TV is practically gone in my household as it is. It’s there to watch sports. And I recently decided that I like listening to a lot of sports on RealAudio better than watching them on TV (especially since I can get my hometown radio broadcasts).

Giving up the computer would be next to impossible.

TV. Easy, no question. You can have it, I don’t care.

My computers? You can have them when you pry them out of my cold, dead hands.

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gave up the TV last year and i feel GREAT!!
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I never watch TV anyway, except for the NASCAR and CART races. I can get realtime race updates via NASCAR Online and, but that’s not the same as actually watching because you miss the passes and the crashes. But I could deal with it.

Since I live alone, I like to keep the TV on, strictly for the noise. Once in a while I’ll glance at the screen. When I had free cable, I actually would watch, usually Animal Planet, Sci-Fi, Comedy Central, or FLIX. Now that cable is no longer free, I can’t afford it. Now I use my TV to watch the occaisonal rented movie and to do my workout tapes.

I could never give up my computer though.

A friend and I were talking about this very topic earlier tonight.

TV. Because then I can still have both.

You can get a TV card for your computer for $79. It’s hard to get the Straight Dope on channel 15, though.

I’d miss TV, because then I couldn’t watch my beloved Blue Jays and Raptors.

TV, hands down.

For the reasons enumerated previously, among others.

TV, without a doubt. I watch about one hour of TV a week, and I go online 2-3 hours each night.

I don’t remember the last time I watched TV, if that tells you anything.

Seeing as how I don’t even own a TV, the choice is easy!

Well, if for no other reason than to give a different answer…I’d give up my computer. For pure passive entertainment, you can’t beat watching TV while in a comfy recliner. The computer is too much like work.