Given enough farts in an enclosed room, could the air become translucent?

We can all envision a room full of cigarette smoke, but then smoke starts out visible. My own disgusting guess is that the molecular matter would precipitate out first…

Farts are gas, gas is molecules, what’s left?

Well, there are the particles of fecal matter to contend with. Ack!

If you are claiming there is aerosolized fecal matter in farts, I’m going to have to see a cite on that, QED. I stand by Cecil, who mentions no such particles; aside from the occasional Hershey Squirt (which isn’t really a fart anyway), that “cheerful calliope” is all gas.

From The Original Facts on Farts:

Well, if we’re standing shoulder to shoulder…
You don’t mean “old farts”, do you. :wink:
Actually, me and a few buddies captured all the farts we could for a week or so in one of those old glass water cooler bottles. Never did get even a little cloudy, although it did stink, of course. No worse than an up close open air encounter though.
We wound up making a huge bong (hookah) out of it.

That’s disgusting!:eek: , even in my most potheaded days I don’t think I would have used that for a hookah.

Okay, maybe I would.

There must be some particulate matter in there. The chair I’m sitting in right now is somehow able to retain every fart I release while sitting in it, and then transfer the odor to the next pair of pants I wear when sitting in the chair.

Ever stretched out on a friends couch and noticed that it smelled like butt?


You ain´t seen nothing yet… ask him what he did with the frying pan… :wink: