Given that a warning was issued for the thread title

ofthisthread, wouldn’t it also make sense to change the thread title?

Or at least lock that turd of a thread.

I broke the link and locked the thread, saying that if there’s a legitimate topic that can be presented in a non-offensive manner, someone is welcome to start a new thread.

The link was blocked for me. Was it in fact relevant to the title?

A glance at Rune’s posting history doesn’t seem to make that OP look typical. Might they have been hijacked?

I don’t know the poster’s history here and haven’t read through their old posts, but it was surprising to see that from a 10 year member. I have a feeling their account may have been hacked by someone representing this group.

Apparently a group was tweeting some sort of “satire” that some portions of the media took seriously. I don’t care enough to do thorough research: The warning was given for the offensiveness of the thread title, not the subject matter, which is why I left the option open to start a new thread is the prank was worthy of discussion.

I have emailed Rune to see if there is an explanation for what truly does seem to be out-of-character posting. I have not heard back.

From his profile:
About Rune
Copenhagen, Denmark

May I suggest that the offensive word in the title may not carry the same weight in Denmark?

As a kid in UK in the 1960s we used it all the time in the “Eenie, meeny, miney, moe” rhyme and never got scolded for it. It may just be a simple cultural difference. Although being on this board long enough he probably should have known better.

You may certainly suggest that. However, given that the person currently posting at that account responded by calling me a stupid idiot, and not by claiming cross-cultural miscommunication, I am not persuaded by the suggestion.

Missed that bit.

Hadn’t mentioned that bit.

T’was at the bottom of the locked thread.

Ah. I thought you were talking about this thread.

Rune knows exactly what the word means and he loves to use it to get a reaction.

He knows that one too.

Well maybe that was a simple matter of cross-cultural miscommunication.

Wow! How in the hell does someone go 10 years with that posting history and not get banned?

I had no idea about his history. Wow.

Considering all the facts presented here and none other, I’m surprised the poster wasn’t banned tute sweet.


His account was hijacked?

On third thought, probably not.

I can’t take seriously any group that’s headquartered in Tarzana.

(Not to mention that they’ve been around for 10 years and have accomplished what?)