So, Rune can call for women to be raped, and that's OK?

Post here:

Even as satire, that’s just completely reprehensible and should be warned.

But it’s Rune, so I’m not convinced it is satire.

And yes, I reported it, like I said.


If you already reported it, why did you open this thread? To complain that the mods didn’t react the way you wanted them to? As a way to publicize that you reported the post? Both?

Why, do I only get a fixed number I can start?

No, to get a response as to why, if they haven’t acted, they choose not to. Something I always choose to do in thread rather than PM, because I believe it’s educational for all, to be told the mod’s thinking on things like this.
Or to get a “we’ve been too busy”, or “we’re mulling it in the Loop” or whatever, I suppose.

I already did that in the thread itself.

Maybe they should warn u too for racism for calling Rune a ‘Nordic’ whatever. It would make about as much sense.

If you want to know why no action has been taken with a particular post report, start by sending a PM to the mods of that forum or maybe report the post again and ask one of the moderators to contact you.

It might just be that the mods of that forum were busy and haven’t had time to get around to it yet.

You are complaining about the way a particular post has been moderated and yet you haven’t even given the moderators of that forum a chance to respond, so it’s not clear that they’ve even had a chance to moderate the post. You’re really jumping the gun here.

Please don’t start ATMB threads just because you have strong feelings about a particular incident and want the mods to respond faster.

This is closed.

If you don’t agree with the moderation after you’ve actually given the staff a chance to respond to your concerns, then feel free to start an ATMB thread.