When some animals are more equal than others.

Could we at least make some pretense of equal treatment on this board? Not to dwell on ancient history, let me focus on the two most recent cases:

-OpalCat insults someone outside the Pit. Thread locked, no action.

-Sampiro drags the snarkpit into discussion. No action.

Pitting of the previous goes along for 4 pages so happily that it even gets accused of being sappy. Sampiro jumps at the last second and makes a mess of himself and Tuba decides everyone needs a break.
I think it is perfectly normal that some people are more popular and better liked than others, and I understand that modding is done by humans, but I think it would still be nice if the rules were applied a bit more equally and popular dopers didn’t get free passes on their misteps.

Just saying.

Jesus H. Christ! Would you please stop bitching and moaning about every little thing that goes on here?

Thank you.

p.s. Welcome to the SDMB. Since you’re new here, you may not know that it’s customary to provide a link to the relevant threads in your OP.

How is calling for a time out a free pass on a mis-step? Do you look for this stuff?

I’ve seen lots of threads where a poster is warned re insulting someone else and the thread isn’t even closed.
It’s threads like this that make me glad I’m not a mod. Why would anyone want to re-stir this shit? You and Sampiro don’t get along. Great. Whatever. Let it go.

Read the story about sour grapes sometime. Or go outside and breathe the air. Read a book. Get a life.

You just couldn’t miss the point any further that this post.

This has nothing to do with Sampiro.

This is not about someone being warned and the thread not being closed.

Please read before you post.

This is about the haphazard way the rules are applied here. If you have anything to say about this, I am all ears.

You don’t have to read these, but you are a Charter Member, so you might already know that.

Both of these are recent enough. I am sure you know which they are.

Links to follow

Know the story well. Don’t see the connection. Please elaborate.

I did go outside, cooked dinner, bought and assembled a swingset for the kids, watched five episodes of the first season of Heroes, took a shower, ate dinner with my BIL (who lent me his truck for the swingset), watched cartoons with the kids, put them to bed.

Then I came back and saw TubaDiva close a thread before couldn’t avoid having to warn someone for being a jerk and decided to post. Isn’t this what the Pit is for?

Sapo, I understand that the focus of this thread isn’t ire directed toward Sampiro anymore than it is at Opal. However, it is unfortunate (since that’s the case) that those are the examples you chose to you. Perhaps you can find some more, that others don’t feel you personally are connected to.

That said, it’s been my observation that it’s simply a perceptional thing. Like how you notice all makes of cars on the road right after you’ve bought your own. :slight_smile: When I first became a member here, I bought into the whole ‘clique’ myth. The reason that was is because the members who were supposed to be a part were really strong personalities with very up-front opinions. They registered more and in turn, had to be one of THEM.

Just my humble opinion.

The links. You know, for those who don’t know what this is about but still need to have an opinion. :rolleyes:



You know, I am not even sure I care to pit this shit any more. Whatever. Mods can do what they want with this (as is their wont)

faithfool, just a clarification that my rolleyes on the previous post are not looking at your post. :wink:

No, I didn’t know which threads you were talking about. How would I have known?

I don’t “need” to have an opinion, but I do have an opinion–that you’re a whiny loser who really needs to take a pill or somthing.

Now you’re talking!

I did read it. You may or may not have a point re the arbitrariness of some mod rulings, but this comes so quickly after the disaster of your recent Pitting, that the two must be related. In fact, you cite it as “evidence”.

Go swing on the swing-set. I mean that nicely. No major contributor that thread comes out looking good. Let it go; take your complaint to PM/email with the mods. If you get an unsatisfactory reply, then come and start a Pit thread about the issue.

How do you feel the staff should have handled the situation? Are you saying the thread should have been left open? Closed sooner? Sampiro should have been warned (and if so, for what)?

I’m not speaking for the OP, but isn’t there a rule against bringing stuff to this board that happens somewhere else? Sampiro was hashing, rehashing, bbqing, boiling, broiling, baking, digging up & then burying, denouncing, denigrating, and having hissy fits over things from another board.

I thought mentions of *the board which may not be named * were also verboden?

thought that was part of the OP’s point.

There’s no rule against talking about other boards. The rule is about linking to other boards and starting board wars, nonny.

But hey, at least you’re popular over there. I suppose that makes you a winner in nonny’s book.

I’m not sure why they come in their pants every time you Pit someone when you give up on the first page like that.

I’m very familiar with your first case, as are you. After all, you were one of the first posters in The Flying Dutchman’s thread, which asked for a ruling on whether Opal’s transgression was allowed outside of the Pit. And, you were the first to bring up the “some are more equal than others” meme. As a matter of information, let me quote you

Nice assumptions, but, [sub](GAWD! I want to say “AS USUAL”)[/sub] you’re wrong.
I and two other Moderators/Admins allowed as how we would have warned Opal if we had ever received a “report this post” about it or if it was read by a moderator in the normal course of reading threads. But, I assume you finished reading the Dutchman’s thread and yet still feel that there was some unfair monkey business going on which favored Opal because she’s a long-time member and we mods/Admins act with prejudice only against noobs.

What do you want me to do? Go back days after the incident, to a closed thread, and stick in a warning? Would that satisfy you?

I’m only talking about that first case. I’ve not read much of your second case, so draw no inferences from my post.

[Ross Perot]Aw Lord I ain’t b’lievin’ this…[/Ross Perot]

What Exit? called me a liar, I got pissed. I didn’t kill a baby, I didn’t really mean for him literally to meet me in Weehawken, NJ [though I’m told it’s lovely] with flintlocks, and I’m really not currently stabbing myself with a crucifix and vowing vengeance. I don’t think any other Doper would have been warned or suspended or whatever else you think should have happened for getting mad when somebody calling them a liar. As much as I admit to being a drama queen even I am just tired of this whole damned matter, can we please drop it?

Walks away muttering “And to think it was all brought on by you going to talk to that Academy Award winning lesbian…” in his best Golde voice.

I wish I had a clique. Sapo you wanna be in it? I like to be mad too.