Attention white people: ITS BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Think.

I thought every month was Rape Month on the SDMB.

Sick burn, bruh.

Shouldn’t you be out with your fedora and pitchfork protesting Mountain Dew? They had a commercial with a black person and a puppy-monkey-baby in it! Durning black history month no less!

Including this one! :smiley: :dubious:

Seriously, some people need to get over their assumption that the world revolves around white-on-black racism.

I wasn’t insulted, just gay people.

meh. Danish hasn’t regressed to the baby language stage like English. You actually have to use the correct pronouns and conjugate words and shit, so: “Dit skøre danske pikfjæs.” Also I did it for the lolz.

More women need to be raped to be put in their place.

I’m reading it as “someone accuses someone else of having sex with them without their meaningful consent” - all the issues of prosecution etc are not what I’m addressing.

I’m using it in the “having sex with a person without their meaningful consent”.

I’m happy making the statement that being made to have sex without consent is always worse than being accused of making someone have sex without their consent.

:rolleyes:I am happy to go on record as saying a man being raped is also worse than a woman falsely being accused of rape.

They are both completely true. But they are not independent. And anyway, the issue isn’t whether they’re true, it’s whether they, and their fuller context, warrant a degree of punishment for false accusation over and above the existing punishments for perjury. I say nope.

The people on this Board sayinga false accusation deserves the same punishment as rape are very much saying that.

Been raped, have you? :dubious:

Only in the eyes of those opposed to stopping racism in the first place, as far as I’m concerned.

Reported. You sick, stupid fuck.

In this society it revolves around white identity, culture, history, preferences, etc., being treated as the default standard and white people largely being oblivious of how that tilts the playing field in their favor while pretending to be color blind.

Nobody in this thread.

Spent a few decades in prison, have you?

Tell me what your choice would be. Be honest. Would you pick being raped once or spending 20 years in prison and being labeled for life as a sex offender for a crime you didn’t commit.

Utter, complete bullshit. And your statement is a good example of how that phenomenon works. Anyone who makes false allegations - or excuses them - loses credibility and repels potential allies.

I read the comment as satire.

I won’t speak for MrDibble, but considering how openly he’s talked about his experiences, you’re setting yourself up for a boo-boo here. He’s experienced one of the two; you’ve experienced neither (along with me).

Also, a false accusation doesn’t mean conviction – statistically, most accusations of rape, whether true or false, don’t lead to convictions. It seems like an incredibly easy choice to me – I’d rather be falsely accused, especially since I’d be very unlikely to be convicted, then raped.

There is arguably a fine line between satire and trolling. If you stand on it and squint, you can just make out Rune far off in the distance, thumbing his nose at the moderators.

Be more specific, next time. And there are some people posting in both threads.

“A few decades”, please :rolleyes: If someone gets prison time, the average time in jail for a rape conviction in the US is less than six years.

Mmmm, tough one…oh, wait, no, I’d rather not be raped, thanks.
Or rather, not raped again, lest you think I’m choosing between two unknowns here.

Oh, do tell me more about how antiracists feel, Bwana

Not familiar with our resident Nordic fuckboy, are you?

I’m not setting myself up for anything. He’s welcome to share his opinion based on his personal experience.

Obviously I was referring to a worst-case scenario. Yes, if I had the choice in advance and knew I’d be exonerated, I would probably choose the false accusation too.

But here’s the other issue - false accusations don’t just hurt the accused, they hurt actual victims.

I was referring to a worst-case scenario.

Thanks for the honest answer based on your real-life experience. You are in a unique position to answer this question so let me frame it this way - what would be worse than being raped? How many years in prison? If you could go back in time and choose a certain prison term to avoid being raped, would you? If so, for how long? This isn’t a rhetorical question, I really am interested in your answer.

Okay. I’m a anti-racist and I believe many many potential allies of the cause are repelled or scared off by false accusations of racism.


I think the question at hand has been distorted. Asking “which is worse, a crime or false accusation” is an unfair and misleading question.

Even if the crime is worse, that doesn’t mean a false accusation should be excused, or that it is inconsequential. Some people unfortunately like to construct it that way to excused false accusations. Some even do that while throwing in the concept of group responsibility or even revenge, such as belittling white people for complaining about false accusations since whites have benefited from real racism in the past.

Since the “worst-case scenario” for rape is being gang-raped for several days until you die from the damage, I’d still say rape is worse.

Death, I guess. Torture, too.

Personally, I’d take life in prison over being raped.

Yeah, no. I don’t believe you actually are all that antiracist. You’re some flavour of concern troll.We’ve had this convo before, and I believe you’re about as anti-racist as you are feminist.

Here, wait, let me just take a sip from this mug labeled “White Tears”, while I work up some concern…