Giving Antibiotics to Kids

Every now and then, I have to give my son an antibiotic. He gets 2 1-teaspoon doses a day for 10 days. When we buy the medicine, we get exactly enough - 20 teaspoons worth. However, when drinking from the medicine cup-thing, you can never get every drop; a little bit is always wasted. My question is, which is better: (a) using 1 teaspoon each time, and knowing that he is reallly only going to get about 9/10 of a teaspoon, or (b) using, say, 1.1 teaspoons each time so he gets a full dose, but then we run out a day early?

Any medicine that is trusted to non-professionals using medical cups and teasponns, instead of more exact pipettes, injections and pills, is simply not that precise. I doubt you’ll see any real difference between either strategy.

That said, I’d still reccomend giving the full number of doses (IANAD), rather than sacrificing one for a shorter course at teh full amount. It has a better chance of wiping out the infection if you hit the bacteria again. Also, underdosing decreases the chance of any side effects.