Giving away 1x copy of Half-Life 2 & Episode 1


I’ve just realized that I’ve got a “gift” copy of Half-Life 2 & Half-Life 2:Episode One lying around on Steam. Since all my gamer friends already have it, I thought I’d just give it away on here.

First person to answer, gets it. (Since I’m pretty sure I’d be violating a lot of rules if I made a contest out of it.)

I actually have an extra copy of both as well.

So, either leave a message for me here or contact me through Steam (I’m in the SDMB community under this same name) if you don’t get Gukumatz’s.

I’ll take it.

Either of you have a physical copy?

If there are two copies, does that make me number one for the second copy? Or number two for either copy?:smiley:

I’m sorry, I don’t. Only a Steam version - but you’ll need to install Steam at any rate to get any benefit from it. Or do you have too slow a connection for a Steam download to be viable?

PM me with your Steam account and I’ll transfer it :slight_smile:

(I guess that makes you prime for Electronic Chaos’ copy, Daffyd)

Either way, PM me with your Steam details or just IM me through Steam.

Like Gukumatz said, if you don’t have a Steam account, you’ll need one.

Do actual physical copies even exist? when I bought HL2 at GameStop I brought home the DVD only to find out that the bloody game wasn’t on it - it just had the Steam installer on it and an HL2 license, so I had to download the game anyway.

I do have a physical copy of HL2 from when it first came out, on 4 or 5 CDs. The thing is, after installing it, I had to sign up for Steam and go through some sort of decryption process before I could actually play, which took about 2 hours. In the long run, it probably would have been easier and faster to just download it in the first place.

Every other Steam game I’ve just purchased through their store front. The extra copy comes from when I bought the Orange Box, after I’d already purchased HL2 and EP1.