Giving away a cat. Anyone want him?

Name: Vincent
Birthdate: March '05
Favorite Foods: Anything that moves. Or doesn’t move.
Favorite Activities: Jumping at toys, getting petted, sleeping, getting petted, eating, and getting petted.
Personality: Sweet, gentle, attention-seeking
Physical description: 17lb black and white furball whose one desire in life (aside from eating) is to be petted by his humans. ( See pic here. More will be posted later.)
Idiosyncracies: Likes to suck on his tail while falling asleep. Meows by opening his mouth, but not making a sound.
Basics: Litterbox trained. Indoor cat. Has had all his shots. Neutered. Tolerates being bathed. Doesn’t bite or scratch maliciously. Doesn’t meow unless he wants food. Purrs a lot, if someone so much looks in his direction. Kills bugs like a pro. Won’t go near goldfish. Would kill birds if he could get his fuzzy little hands on them. Knows the commands “No” and “off” and will come when his name is called.
Why his owners can’t keep him: Apartment is too small for two humans and three cats and the other two cats can’t be given away. Humans can’t give Vincent as much attention as he deserves.

He really is a sweet cat, our place is just way too small.

We live in South Carolina and will be driving up to Maryland in a couple weeks, so pretty much anyone on the East coast is welcome to him.

Seren’s guy here. Vincent is a nice cat, and we’ll miss him, but we just don’t have the space for three little furballs.


Unfortunately, my current cat, Elvis, has made it clear more than once in the 18 years he and I have been together that he prefers to live in a one-kitty household.

Sadly, I’m on the left coast. But I am vaguely in the market for a cat.

He looks like a twin to my sweetie, Braveheart. However, we are down south and with the demise of Picachew May1st it has become abunantly clear that no new feline overlords can be welcomed until the current crop has passed to the great beyond.

Good luck! I’m sure that this will be a successful endevor.