Roomie's cat

At least, I think it’s her cat. Before she went to bed this morning she said, ‘I guess he’s your cat now. He doesn’t like me anymore.’ See, she looked into my bedroom and he was sleeping on my bed. Since he’s been sick, she’s moved his litter box out of her room. It’s a bright, sunny day, so she has her door closed. The cat can’t sleep with her today. He likes to sleep with me when she’s at work, and likes to cuddle with her when she relaxes on the couch with her favourite blanket. I think he just likes spending time with whomever is giving him the most attention at any given moment.

Anyway… Harvey. (Slightly annoyed that I woke him up.)

Cats are really good at that annoyance thing, aren’t they? Mine got annoyed with me this morning because I wouldn’t let him eat the leftover pizza!

If Harvey really does like you better, maybe he really is your cat now! I know my cat, Ponch, started out being a family cat, but for some reason, he chose me.

Nope. Not my cat. She’s had him about seven years, through thick and thin. She feeds him, takes him to the vet, gives him his medicine, cleans his litter box, chases him when he feels like being chased, and loves him completely. I’d never take her cat!

Cats always have favourites. And it’s annoying to owners 'cause it’s not based on anything except the cat’s personal preferences.

I knew a woman who was so upset that she took in a alley cat, got him fixed at the vet, pays for all his costs, his food, his litter, and she loves him. He HATES her. Well not really, it’s just he likes everyone else in the house better.

She was so happy one time when her family all went on vacation. She said, “Mark the cat like me now. He comes over and cuddles with me and plays with me.” I told her as soon as the rest of her family came home it’d be back to the status quo.

She didn’t believe me. Then her family returned and the cat went from loving her to treating her with contempt again.

Cat’s have favourites but rest assured you ARE on the list, just not at the top of it. :slight_smile:

As I sit here [del]reading SDMB[/del] diligently working on my data, Harvey is sleeping curled up beside me.

Apparently he discovered I’d turned off the heater in my bedroom.

He moved.

HAHAHAHAH! Love it, Johnny.

Leeching warmth!

Yup, that’s what those little thieves of the heart are all about!:wink:


My wife thinks one of our cats likes her, and another hates her. She calls one cat “hers” and the other “yours.” It was the first time she ever had cats.

However, I’ve had cats for years and I never noticed that behavior in “her” cat. It seems to me both cats show equal affection to her. However, I’m the one that actually plays with them and gets them treats. “Her” cat will lie next to her sometimes when there’s no room to be next to me. “My” cat treats me like a fish treat dispenser.

Belly shaved for the ultrasound he’d had last month.

Sounds like Harvey picked you. Be prepared for him to be your cat whether you like it or not.

He’s sleeping on the back of the love seat next to ‘mom’. He slept with her last night. (She went to bed first.)

He’s banninated from my room right now. I picked a T-shirt off the floor and put it on, and it was damp. Later I saw him pissing on a pair of sweats. Roomie saw him squatting on a rug earlier, and she said he was acting funny last night. Apparently he’s still sick. Roomie went and got him more amoxicillin, and also gave him a soft-muscle relaxant.

Looks like Harvey needs to lose some weight, then maybe he won’t wind up w/ repeated UTI’s and crystals stuck in his urethra that could kill him. This is the inevitable bane of the overweight, neutered tom.
One of ya’ll drain a can of tuna water into a bowl for him, rinse the can out w/ a couple tablespoons of hot water, mix that all together and watch him suck it down. He’ll be peeing like a racehorse in an hour, where he should I’ll wager. And take him off dry food for awhile; that one switch changed my Pipsqueak’s UTI rate from every other month to once a year. If you don’t have any wet food in the house and no money to get any, soak the dry food in hot water (just enough to float the kibble) for a half hour then feed him that.

Roomie was wondering about putting him back on UTI food. She’s been feeding him Purina, and it’s been good for years. She did some research and found that it’s a good brand for not getting UTI. She mentioned it to the vet, and he agreed.

Harvey gets a teaspoon of wet food with his medicine. He gets Phenobarbital every couple of days for seizures. He likes the amoxicillin, and he gets that mixed in a tsp of wet foot twice a day.

ETA: Roomie said a bit ago it looks as if he’s lost weight. He was up to nearly 15 pounds, but he’s closer to 14 now. The vet still says he’s fat.

Just from the picture I can tell you he’s fat. You should be able to feel his ribs; looks like he’s got another 3 to go.
I expect the pheno’s contributing to his size? Most seizure meds do, dunno why.
Anyway, do the tuna thing and I promise you he won’t pee where he shouldn’t in the foreseeable future. If you don’t feel like making tuna salad today toss it in a plastic container in the fridge, it’ll keep lidded for 48 ours ok.

Harvey doesn’t run into walls, does he, Johnny?

If so, I have the perfect last name for him! :wink:

Tell “Roomie” , the “sappy one” (Jesus!:rolleyes:) says hello, and y’all take good care of each other and Harv’.


Lord have mercy, that’s as bad as “Bert” - my cat’s name.

You call 'em and you almost expect them to come in with thick, horn-rimmed glasses on, dontcha? :smiley:

Keep me updated, “Fly-boy”!:slight_smile:

What is that you do with choppers?

“Crankin’ and bankin’”?:slight_smile:

I forgot.

Your pal