Giving Up My "Cherry"

Been reading here since ought-six it seems, and after the leisurely consumption of a goodly number of properly marinated pimiento stuffed green gin sponges, the need to join and become a posterae obsurdicus overrode all those years of self-diagnosed lurkivism.

C a n` t s t o p t y p i n g.

Of tallywhackers trimmed thus tainted
And ruthless admins as some have painted
To flocc-u-lated friends and foes
And that highbrowed sniper with upturned nose

Compulsions cause a need to post
With hopes that all find witty
And should that fail the right is held
To wallow in self pity

When choosing pen o`er unsheathed sword
To make a point or two
A dermis of an inch or more
Might ease the ride for you

Aye jesh hh-a-ad tee martoonis occifer, honish!

Welcome ‘aboard’

Ahoy, matey!! Surf’s up!

Well, I do believe Bawdysurfer might be a welcome addition to our club!

Bawdy, do you write them when you’re sober, too? :slight_smile:

pome n. - a fleshy fruit, as an apple or pear, having united carpels surrounded by a fleshy, usually edible receptacle.

Der: Middle English, from the French “pomme.” (apple) Pomme de terre is potato (apple of the earth). Pomme d’amour is apple of love.

Also called false fruit.

UncleBeer, did you REALLY think I didn’t know the correct spelling…?

She’s a poet

She doesn’t know it

But her feet show it,

'Cause they’re Longfellows. :smiley:

Welcome to the board.

And please, if you hit at purient content try to deliver next time :wink:

Sorry, I just wanted to be like UncleBeer. :smiley:
Welcome, Bawdy! Nice work there…

Oooh! I Like you already! Welcome welcome!!

a thought… would the first person to respond to Bawdy’s first post be the “cherry picker”?? :smiley: that would be dpr, i guess

ANYhoo, welcome Bawdy

Hi, and welcome to the SDMB. Have fun.

Hmm . . .

You still ahve to post under four other mind-altering substances before you come close to Homer’s record. And perform analingus on a dog to come close to oldscratch.

And post 15 times a day to top my pace.

Hyuk! You talks funny.

Yay another weird talkin freak on the board!! We could always use more of them :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard bawdy!

Welcome! Hi! How are ya? Addicted yet? Nah, didn’t think so, it shouldn’t be long now though. Good luck!


repeating to herself being high is bad, being high is bad, being…

that was funny. Welcome to the SDMB, I think you’ll like it here, and fit right in. however, try not to make your thread titles so deceiving next time… ahhahaa :smiley:

at any rate, just have fun.

Ain`t it a shame, bawdy and cherry, with no substance to follow. So it goes.

Would a detailed description of four days spent attempting to update the Kama Sutra while gaining carnal knowledge of a partner who is a recent escapee from a roving band of wayward gymnast/contortionists have been more apropos?

Prurient don`t begin to cover it!

Hi all. Leave us begin the dance.

ahem… Iampunha I take issue with this. I’ve posted under far more mind-altering substances than homer…

so there.!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but at least Homer has the decency to warn us first.