Glee: 2.13 "Comeback" (open spoilers)

Sam does Bieber and Sue joins the Glee club.

I don’t like Justin Bieber, so I didn’t like a lot of the songs. And I just can’t get in to some of the romances developing.

As long as you fast forwarded through the Bieber songs, though, it was actually a really good episode. Best in a while, I thought. The humor was right, the Sue was right, the plot points were ridiculous but appropriately so.

I though the comment from Britney to Rachel about 45 minutes in was hilarious.

Lauren’s song was very seriously WTF.

Over all it was OK, but why the hell do so many of the Glee boys wear undershirts? :mad: Puck & Finn have shown way more skin in the past. Oh well and least Sam & Mike were shirtless. :slight_smile: And the fleeting shot of Sam in his undies made up for all the Beiber crap.

I thought this was a bad episode. It was all over the place. One minute Sue is plotting to destroy the glee club from within. Then there’s a very special episode scene with sad cancer kids and loving smiles. Then Sue is having a riot with the kids and doing a song, and suddenly she’s at Wil’s throat again. It wasn’t even consistent within the episode, let lone with the character as a whole.

The romances between all the characters are getting very tedious as well. I really don’t care who Captain Bieber winds up with, because all of them are kind of obnoxious.

Oh, and that show had the vibe of a show being paid off by Justin Bieber’s record label or something. The swooning for Bieber and the constant declarations of just how awesome and epic his songs are just felt like a commercial endorsement to me. And totally unrealistic as well. As was the instant orgasmic reaction of every female within 2 degrees of separation of that super-hot… 15 year old. Wasn’t that a little creepy? Whats-her-name even said so during the episode.

So that makes what, the fourth singer that they completely swooned over?

I’ve never heard Bieber before so I can’t comment on the songs. I like Bieber himself though.

“I know what boys like” wasn’t terribly great. Granted, she was recruited solely for a headcount, and Mike can’t sing either, but he’s never done a serious solo.

I liked the nice Sue bits, even when they were fake. I don’t subscribe to the “can never resolve sexual tension” theory of television theories, and so I won’t ever subscribe to the “can never resolve rival after school groups tension” theory either or “never resolve villain seeing the light”. I’ve seen it happen many times, and the only real obstacle is good writing. When it’s failed, it’s always been because of bad writing, and not because of something inherent.

I have to agree with Sue though, none of the songs were anthems. The last song might have been an anthem in it’s regular form can’t say - but it wasn’t an anthem the way they were singing it. Not for lack of trying though - it was clear with all the arm raising and shouting that they were trying to anthemize it. But it didn’t work.

Isn’t Bieber’s fan base tweens more than high school students?

I love that when Kurt was mentioned Sue said “Sweet Porcelain” and then when Sam was done singing she said “I’ve got to get her on the Cheerios”

But does he dance in this ep? I only bother watching if he does. :smiley:

Very much so, which is why I took the whole episode to be a satire of Bieber Fever.

I don’t care about the problems, because I got to watch Lea Michele and Amber Riley belt “Take Me or Leave Me” at each other… which was cool because Lea is such a mini-me of Idina Menzel, who I saw belt “Take Me” at Fredi Walker in 1996. Granted that Amber Riley is no Fredi Walker, but still, the whole scene was such a weird almost-deja-vu feeling, the old and new, that I was very happy. That one duet made the hour worhtwhile.

I liked this episode okay. I’ll admit the hospital scene with Will and Sue and the kids got to me a little.

I’m kind of torn about the last few episodes. I do like that characters like Santana, Brittney, and Mike have been brought more into the foreground. However, I don’t really care much for Sam, and a little Lauren goes a long way. This week was a nice break from Kurt, at least. I think the show is usually at its best when the stories revolve around the “anchors” of Rachel, Finn, and Mr. Shuester, like they did in season 1. Hopefully they will be the focus again as the season enters the homestretch toward regionals.

I voted “meh” mostly because I don’t suffer from BieberFever. As usualy, the Brittney parts were great - her character is hysterical. Concur that the “very special episode” feel of the sick cancer kids was … odd. (Also, sick kids dying or recovering from cancer don’t have round, rosy cheeks and that much friggin’ energy.)

The show hasn’t had a really good performance in a while.

The first season had Don’t Stop Believing, It’s My Life, and Defying Gravity. Nothing in the second season has come close.

I’m hoping they’ll get their mojo back.

We’re counting down to regionals.

Does anyone else think that Rachel’s “let’s write/perform an original song” idea is a bad, bad thing?

The only way the Bieber stuff in this ep works is if it’s a satire on BieberFever. I think that’s the case. This wasn’t like the Brittany episode where they just strung a bunch of Brittany Spears numbers together without a plot. At least they didn’t have Bieber herself gueststar.