Glee: 2.20 "Prom Queen" (open spoilers)

It’s time for the Junior Prom at William McKinley High School and Figgins has New Directions providing the entertainment. Sue is the prom cooridantrix. There’s been a major spoiler circulating about this episode for the last few weeks; now we get to see if it’s true or just another red herring. Quinn’s mom and Jesse St. James are back as well.

[li]I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You (Black Kids)[/li][li]Friday (Rebecca Black)[/li][li]Rolling in the Deep (Adele)[/li][li]Isn’t She Lovely (Stevie Wonder)[/li][li]Jar of Hearts (Christina Perri)[/li][li]Dancing Queen (ABBA)[/li][/ul]

So what was the major spoiler I managed to avoid hearing? The prom queen winner?

Prom king and queen, yeah. I saw the spoiler accidentally in a place I didn’t expect to, but 1) it seemed so unlikely that I didn’t think it was the actual spoiler and 2) I later heard that scenes for the episode had been re-shot, so I figured any spoilers on this topic were no longer valid. Turns out it was true.

Not sure how I feel about this as a plot element. It kind of felt like inventing something to make Kurt unhappy just because his life has been going too well recently. (He went a whole episode without crying last week!) It seems like it would have been more interesting for Santana to win, then we could have seen whether she went through with her plan to order Brittany to be her secret girlfriend. I assume that’s what Santana wanted, as she could have had Brittany as her public girlfriend last week.

I’d also heard spoilers that Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was going to be covered in this episode. I’d hoped that wasn’t true, but was more or less resigned to it. My biggest objection isn’t that the song is stupid, but that it’s old news. The trend for covers of “Friday” must have peaked about six weeks ago. The world has moved on.

LOL…some of us don’t know who that is, and might not recognize the song, so we all haven’t moved on from it…I’ll let you know if it sounds familiar after I watch the show!

If you haven’t heard it before then believe me, you weren’t missing anything.

On another note, it occurs to me that this may be the first episode in which Blaine talks more than he sings. We even got some specific backstory on him, and saw him a lot less confident than usual…possibly because he was without his customary army of zombie choir boys.

Yeah, Blaine and Finn flaked out on the sofa with a bowl of chips the size of a bathtub. I can see those two disappearing for the summer to play Xbox somehow.

Due to storms in our area, the last few minutes were cut off - would someone be willing to post what happened after Kurt said “Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton?”

Thank you!

Um… the glee kids cheer for him, which causes the rest of the crowd to cheer for him (which, OK I guess…). The principal calls for the customary king/queen dance (which, are we to believe that the principal is clueless? hates gay kids?). Kurt tells closet-kid that this is his chance to come out - bully freaks out and runs out of the gym. So Blaine comes up and dances with Kurt to “Dancing Queen” performed by Santana and Mercedes.

The rest of the glee kids (save Finn) dance and are shown getting their prom pictures in pairs. Oh, and it’s hinted that Britt forgave Artie because they get their prom picture together. Only other pic I remember was Quinn looking brave solo.

I think that’s about it.

What did Quinn say to Rachel before she slapped her? We couldn’t hear.

Yeah, that part was really weird. I had a hard enough time believing that Figgins would even announce Kurt as prom queen rather than just giving it to the #2 candidate, but I suppose he may have been uncertain whether Kurt had actually been campaigning for the title to make some sort of political statement. But asking the king and queen to dance when the former is (as far as Figgins knows) a straight jock who’s had problems with homophobic bullying and the latter his frequent victim who also ran out in tears just moments before? Figgins has always been depicted as clueless, but this wasn’t his usual kind of cluelessness.

It did occur to me later that Kurt may not have been the intended target of this prank. Karofsky’s recent behavior as the anti-bullying avenger and security escort for Kurt may have alientated or irritated enough of his meatheaded “friends” that someone hatched a scheme to punish him by pairing him with the school’s only out homosexual at prom.

Wasn’t singing “Dancing Queen” a bit odd for Kurt and Blaine’s dance? I winced a bit. And if I had Kurt’s figure I’d wear that Braveheart tux every day. Loved it. And he made it himself!! Maybe they’ll have him trying out for Project Runway.

You weren’t the only one. The subtext rapidly became text, to mangle a Whedonism.

Seems a strange choice for a Queen’s Dance at Prom anyhow, no matter who won. Sure, there’s the literalism of the title, but isn’t that dance usually a slow dance?

I only wish we’d had more full-length shots of it! I thought he looked great.

My high school didn’t have a prom, and I probably wouldn’t have gone if it did, but Kurt’s outfit is the only prom outfit I’ve ever seen on TV or a movie that made me think “I would totally have worn that.” It combines everything I loved as a 1990s teen lesbian: it’s black, it’s plaid, it covers the legs/arms/chest, and there were even big boots involved.

Of the girls’ dresses I think I liked Mercedes’s and Brittany’s the best. Mercedes’s was a really pretty color and Brittany’s was just fun – not the kind of thing I could ever wear, but it fit her personality.

Most irritating thing to me was that the “gay kid being voted Prom Queen” was already done on UGLY BETTY. (Well, it was Homecoming Queen on that, but same basic plot.)

I loved that Figgins gave them the $400 he was going to pay Air Supply.

I didn’t recognize it until they started counting down the days of the week (been doing my best to avoid the song all year) and then went OSHI- because I really enjoyed their cover, LOL. Oh well, that goes on my secret Glee shame playlist on my ipod along with Ke$ha I suppose!

Who counted the ballots anyway? :dubious: At my school that was the office secretaries job so if a male was somehow elected Prom Queen the administration would’ve know about it before the principal open the envelope (also our ballots didn’t have an option for write-ins). I can buy Figgins being clueless enought to actually announce it though. He definately seems like the kind of administrator who’d cower in fear at a parent threatening to sue (which Kurt’s father has done twice) and might really have though Kurt organized this somehow. He’s really out of touch with the kids (& reality in general at times, remember he really thinks Tina is an actual vampire).

You raise a good point re the actual target of the prank. It does seem like the jocks are the only ones who really hate Kurt (& even then Karofsky was the ringleader), the rest of the students just don’t care enought to do anything one way or the other. I like Karogsky’s private little breakdown with Kurt; I really hope we’re going to get some idea of what his home life is like. We’ve only seen his father once, in public. We’ve no clue what his mother is like.

Sue’s presence was entirely superfluous once again. :frowning: Other than spout non-sequiturs there was nothing she did that another character could’ve done. The scene with her & Artie was really dumb. Also I liked how Quinn, in all seriousness, said you can have as many weddings as you want, but you only get one prom. Her junior prom. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any love for Kurt’s camo shirt and bowtie? The ultimate for gays in the military I’d think, though I do wonder how much his dad gives him as a clothing budget.

Sam’s bolo tie worked for him imo. Wouldn’t for everybody. I just hope that now he’s been a paid escort once it won’t become an easy-money habit.

I actually didn’t think Figgins was clueless. The lack of expression on his face and in his voice looked like helpless dread. I don’t think Figgins is the kind of person who is able to think on his feet. He saw the name, knew it was going to be ugly, but couldn’t think what else to do.

And he’s also a stickler for rules.

Jesse’s comment reminded me of so many theater students I knew in college: “The best time to start a business is in a recession, and while I’m not sure what that is my understanding is that we’re in one now.”

As a recent college theatre student, that rings way too true to me. There’s one wonderful theatre person I know who intends to start a theatre when she graduates, so she’s majoring in Business, with a focus in accounting. She might make it, but my theatre major friends probably won’t.