While waiting for The Alfred Hitchcock Hour to start on a different channel, I’ve had Glee on my television after the Simpsons.

Why does anyone like this piece of shit?

Because we’re stupid.

For the same reason some like football and others couldn’t care less: passive entertainment with no real emotional or intellectual investment. Add in nice eye candy and occasional laughs or good music. I can see why people do, I can see why people don’t; I like it but it peaked with the NPH/Joss Whedon episode and if it was cancelled tomorrow it wouldn’t upset me, and I’d certainly throw it on a grenade if so doing would get Community picked up for two more years.

Why do some people have to refer to something popular that they themselves don’t like as “this shit”?

'Cause it’s shit?

Sort of like the way you refer to your aunt, even though somebody likes her.

If that’s your best reason.


Because it is awesome. Any other questions we can answer for you, sir?


Why is a redo of the Jackson Brothers awesome?

Because the Jackson Brothers never sang Sweet Transvestite.*

It’s a show about pretty people singing current pop hits and old standards mixed in with sitcommy tropes and melodramatic plots. (Literally, in this case.) All things people love. Why wouldn’t it be a hit?

*Shut up, I know everyone hated that version. I don’t watch the show enough to remember most of the songs they sing.

Oh. OK. I missed that there was a plot.

Indeed. Why in the five minutes I saw before New Girl started, we learned that the faculty head of the Glee club and Rachel, a diva member of the glee club will let another group of singers sing at least one song in every competition, thus beginning to heal the rift between Mercedes and Rachel that blossomed into full bitchiness when Rachel got the part of Maria in the school’s production of West Side Story. And then they sang a song. Because it’s Glee.

My aunt is my aunt because she’s my mother’s sister. If you were to say “No, I think she’s your grandmother” or if you were to look down from your cross at me and then at Camilla Parker-Bowles and say “Nephew behold thy aunt, auntie behold thy nephew” it would not mean it was so.

OTOH, GLEE is neither objectively shit or great. It’s GLEE, and any evaluation is in the eye of the viewer. And either way it’s hard to understand why Charles shagged Camilla when Diana was right there.

Also remember that its target audience is high schoolers, though it has a huge audience outside of them obviously. It’s for the “getting too old” for Nick and Cody On Deck (or whatever) and iCarly crowd with the large fanbase of people who miss music and variety series as gravy.

One of the first things I say to anyone who asks me about Glee and whether they should watch it is that this show is awful roughly 1/3 of the time. Whether the other 2/3 makes it all worthwhile is a matter of opinion, but of adults I know (here and IRL) who actually like the show everyone seems to agree that it is sometimes quite bad. So believe me, it is no surprise to me that after a bit of casual watching you weren’t impressed by the quality. At this point the backstories of the characters are also complicated enough that the show probably isn’t very friendly to new viewers.

You must have missed a lot, because a typical episode of Glee has not merely an A and B plot, but usually a C, D, E, etc. These are often multi-episode storylines, even multi-season, like a soap opera. By my count there were at least 8 different storylines in this week’s episode, including one or two largely contained in this episode, five continuing/concluding storylines that began this season, and two continuing/concluding storylines that began in past seasons. I think it would be fair to say that Glee suffers more from too much plot than not enough.


I feel basically the same about Glee vs. Community. I watch and enjoy both, but I don’t really get how Glee wasn’t cancelled after one season and how Community isn’t a lot more successful than it is.

Because some of us were in Glee Club or Thespian Society or something very similar in high school and can kind of relate.

Friday Night Lights wasn’t about my life, but I don’t begrudge the people who watch it.