Glenn Beck's Christmas Sweater

I seriously doubt anyone on this board was dumb enough to shell out 20 bucks for this. But I still have to ask, did you or anyone else you know see this?
I read a pretty funny review (and by that I mean the review itself was funny; not that the review implied the movie was funny) of it this morning:

I didn’t see it, but I read the ticket sales were abysmal.

Beck is right on target with his nailing of government to the wall.

But he really, really, really needs to shut the fuck up about his religious beliefs.

Is this like that horrible, horrible, “Christmas Shoes” song? Do they make a matched set?

Actually, they constantly joke about other Christmas clothing the show.

I have no idea what the sales were for the show this year, but it was largely a rebroadcast of last year’s show (which I attended and thoroughly enjoyed).

I think if a different suicidal alcoholic who nearly ruined his life turned his life around to the degree Glenn has, but simply wasn’t outspoken on the right, he’d be on Oprah every other day.

The only time I heard about this was people commenting on its failure. Was it not advertised well enough?

The only low sales I can find anything about are in NY and Boston. Not exactly Glenn Beck’s target audience. In fact, at one of his shows, he waved at the critic for the NY Times, assuming he was the only one in the audience at that theater.

Can anyone point to a source that talks about sales generally? Not just lefty markets?

Oh please. That Oprah or the media in general don’t celebrate his life story has nothing to do with him being a conservative and everything to do with him being a venomous asshole who panders to the worst instincts of political know-nothings.
If there were a Nobel Prize for bullshitting, Beck would not only win it, but the committee would be forced to retire it, proclaiming him champion for all eternity.

There are people like that who turn themselves around all the time. Go into any church and there’ll be several people with similar stories.

Is it over? Say it’s over, please! That means I no longer have to see the ad for this thing in front of every single motherfucking movie at AMC! They didn’t put the trailer for Michael Moore’s movie in front of every single movie - they only put it in front of movies likely to be viewed by liberals. But Glenn Beck’s thing? That was in the “pre-show countdown” for everything - comedy, drama, horror, action, children, you name it. I’ve seen it a dozen or more times and was just about ready to snap.

I hope it’s over too, I’m also tired of seeing the ads. The only fun thing is hearing (and joining in with) the boos heard every time the ad played.

Beck’s ‘Christmas Sweater’ flops in major cities, just 17 tickets sold in New York and Boston.

Oprah Winfrey was born to a poor, single mother and became a titan of capitalism. How many times has she been on Glenn Beck’s show?

Yes, I’ve seen that article. Those are the markets where his show isn’t popular. In fact IIRC the radio show isn’t even carried in NY (or at least wasn’t until recently). I suspect his books aren’t selling big there either, though they’re bestsellers generally.

Again, any pointers to sales generally instead of the markets where it was expected

It was expected that 17 people would show up in a city of 19 million?

So, in other words about 1/10,000th of 1 percent.

Yep, pretty much. Again, at one of his shows Glenn waved and said hello to the NYT reviewer assuming he was alone in a theater.

I went to the movies today and saw that ad again! The “encore” showing in on the 10th, so be warned that you might see him accidentally.

That’s why they held the showing on the back of the White Castle in a parking lot on Fordham Road-- 'cuz they expected 17 people. Nobody fret though, I’ve seen Beck’s crowd estimates in action. By Friday it’ll be 200,000 and by Monday 2 million.

So if everybody knew all along (as you’re implying) that only 17 people out of 19 million would buy tickets for this thing, why on earth did they go through the time and expense of opening there? Or was it just an opportunity for Glenn Beck to participate in his absolutely favorite pastime–proving how persecuted he is (a trait he shares with most of the Mormon population, to be fair. It could very well be a cultural thing for him)? I can’t seriously think of any other motive for engaging in such money-losing enterprise.

Incidentally, a quick search tells me that this was only being shown in one theater in Salt Lake City. Now, one think people like to do in SL, UT is go to the movies. There are lots of theaters in the city. Though the encore is playing in seven theaters (one screen each) throughout the great state of Utah. Clearly, they’re expecting a hell of a turn out. :rolleyes:

AFAIK, Fathom events schedules the theaters, not the performer.

When I saw Rifftrax live in the same format, our local theater had about the same attendance as the Beck show. In that case, when there was an ad for a “start of football season” event, the crowd laughed and one person said, “wrong demographic!”