Glenn Beck's Christmas Sweater

Yes, I know that Beck didn’t personally schedule the venues. However, I’m still boggled at the notion that NY and Boston were scheduled even though it was apparently common knowledge that 17 in 19 million would be interested in attending the show.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you live in a substantially smaller market in CA? It’s not as though you went to the Rifftrax event in LA with 16 other people.

What I’m curious about is why, if only 17 tickets were sold in New York City, Troy Patterson at Slate reported the Union Square theater to be about 90% full?

I’m all in favor of Beck failing to find an audience but that seems an big discrepancy suggesting something’s fishy.

And the $20 ticket price may be twice the price of a movie but it is pretty standard for a Fathom Events event. I paid that much for a Cirque du Soleil showing and for the broadcast live taping of an episode of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me earlier this year.

Inconsistent media reports! I’m shocked!

Master of Ceremonies: Ladies and Gentlemen, for tonight’s performance, the role of the Union Square Theatre will be played by Stephen Colbert’s living room.

Inconsistent statements reconciled.


Yeah, it did occur to me that it was a theater that seats 19.

Also that even if only 17 people bought tickets, several hundred were filling the theater where he was hosting the show (also in New York City). But I’m sure they all bussed in from upstate.

We’re in northern California, and the Rifftrax live group was about 3 dozen. The Beck show was about the same, even though his radio show isn’t on terrestrial radio here.