What will happen when Glenn Beck finally goes nuts?

The guy long ago crossed into Howard Beale territory with the weeping and doomsday predictions. The recent Salon articles on him just confirmed my already strong suspicions that the guy really does have some serious mental issues.
So offer your prediction on how and when Glenn Beck will finally lose it on air.
I’m foreseeing a scene like that in “Michael Clayton” where the Tom Wilkinson character goes nuts during a videotaped deposition. He stands up, blubbering incoherently and then starts ripping his clothes off. You see some stagehands run over to get him under in the control in the moment before the screen fades to black and then cuts to commercial.

Well, there will be some differences when Glenn starts stripping down during the first week of December. The biggest one is that Wilkinson’s character was sympathetic, the smallest one will only be revealed by the censor not pixelizing a certain region quickly enough. :slight_smile:

Facts assumed that are not in evidence. (Is there any evidence that Mr Beck is not already nuts?)

Actually, what we need right now is a complicated theory on how the government is trying to grive Glen crazy. Not driving him crazy by being Socialist and Liberal and stuff, but slipping LSD into his coffee and pointing sub-audible sound waves at his house and stuff. Maybe having Biden jump out at him and shout “Boo!”

Hmmm. Needs to be explaned in a YouTube video and possibly a web site with photos and secret documents with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one.

I think I have a new project.

Nobody will be able to tell the difference?

When someone appears from the outside to be that unstable, do TV networks have a detailed plan in place for how to switch away smoothly? Or is it just business as usual?

They give him a show on Fox News?

We already had that bizarre frog incident. Let’s just hope he gets medicated before he tried to go through with a “cats have nine lives” demonstration.

Business as usual. No one will be able to tell, anyway.

  1. It will happen off the air. The airtime is too valuable.

  2. Most likely he will be revealed as having some drug, sex or violence issue (or any combination thereof). The culture needs a physical demonstration of mental problems.

  3. After a punishment period of some kind (possibly involving rehab, probably involving public confession and a “take me back” moment), he will likely be taken back, on a different channel, with less audience.

  4. I don’t think a highly rated sensationalist like Beck can lose his career very easily until the market tires of him. He is not a Don Imus, who wasn’t thought of as a shit stirrer until the Nappy Headed Ho incident. Glenn can say anything; it’s what he’ll do.

The really sad part is that once he’s totally insane and permanently in the psychiatric ward, the likelihood of him ever being convicted of raping and murdering that girl in 1990 will be virtually nil.

Ha, nicely played, sir.

What will happen? He’ll retire and the show will be given to Orly Taitz.

That’s ridiculous. The stagehands would assume it was part of the show.

Does he set off anyone else’s gaydar? He just seems like the type who goes cruising for rough trade at truck stops at 3 AM.

Of course, that rumor about him raping and murdering that poor girl would suggest that he might just be bi.

What Giles said.

O rly? I’m so sorry.

He’ll definitely lose it on the air, but no one will notice. I also think that the root cause will be bad enough (by conservative standards) that Fox will quickly drop the show.

Remember that call into his radio show where he started screaming like a grumpy four year old? That was probably 77% of “going nuts.”

This is probably why he never talks to people on his TV show. He can’t be expected to interview someone, or have a conversation with someone who disagrees with him, because he gets all flustered and starts flailing around like I’m sure the girl he raped and murdered did. His show is just him talking, alone, about his stupid conspiracy theories. If he does have anybody else on the show, it’s someone who has their own conspiracy theories.

His weakness is his weakness. If you cornered him and tried to have a real conversation with him, he’d probably chuckle and say he’s just a schmuck on TV, and if you keeped pressing him he’d probably start weeping and fall to his knees and covering his face, a move he probably learned from that woman he raped and murdered.

So if he’s to be brought down, he’d have to be cornered by someone who can have a conversation for longer than 30 seconds that involves actual words and not just strung-together synonyms for dictatorship.

Now, now, wierdaaron. You keep talking about the rape and murder of that young girl in 1990 as if it’s fact. We don’t know that it’s true. It’s just troubling that Beck hasn’t denied it.

I just want to confirm that there was a girl who couldn’t kick his ass into next week.