Glenn Beck

I pit Glenn Beck.

C’mon, didn’t CNN already have a man-o-the-people, one-o-the-guys, jackass in the form of the reincarnated Lou Dobbs?

Man, CNN… goddamn liberal media commie pigs!

That’s quite a skeletal pitting you got there, mister. Would you kindly slap some flesh on those bones so I’ll know whether to:

  1. Agree with you;
  2. Call you a ferret-felching gonad-sucker;
  3. Yawn and move on to the next thread.

Thank you for your consideration.

  1. is usually a safe bet. Suffice to say that Glenn Beck is like a lite version of Joe Scarbourough and has no business on a channel called ‘Headline News’.

What is the point of pitting Beck? I pit CNN for giving him a platform.

Nothing lite about Beck. While he is firm in his right wing views, I have never heard Scarborough spew the hateful bigoted stuff Beck has:

Link for above:

I don’t know what the fuck CNN is doing lately. It’s like they want to turn into the Howard Beale network.

Isn’t he just pointing out the stupidity of saying Hollywood has been a bastion of civil rights when that has not always been the case, when it pandered to racial stereotypes? Whether you agree with this or not, whether you think it’s a meaningful counter, it’s not racist to suggest it, is it?

BTW, I’m reacting only to the quote provided. I really don’t have an opinion on Beck overall.

It is racist if you use repugnant sterotypes to make the point. And Beck’s history regarding diversity, be it blacks, Jews, native Americans or gays is pretty clear; he is a bigoted racist of the first order. Read my cite from above.

CNN still deserves a pitting for calling itself a news channel while giving airtime to a guy who thinks that that passes for debate.

He’s part of the new guard at CNN and fits in perfectly with what they’re doing with the network now, whatever the hell it’s supposed to be. The thing that got me about Beck is he was supporting some Christian broadcasting station down in Louisiana. I didn’t turn on Headline News to hear about Jesus, unless he’s made a suprise appearance somewhere.

Headline News is going completely down the crapper anyway. When I go to bed I don’t want to watch their even more horrible than usual Celebrity Wankfest, listen to Nancy Grace or anything else. I just want the news. Regular CNN has Larry King on, and I don’t like him either. Usually now I just suffer through the born again Tucker Carlson who sort of combs his hair these days.

Glenn Beck is the dude who says homosexuality is a Communist plot.

I’m still trying to recover from hearing that.

I think a number of those are super-dumb more than racist. But the way he carries on in the ‘black’ voice is kinda hard to take any other way.

I wasn’t aware the two were mutually exclusive.

They’re not; I said I thought they were “more” one than the other. Racism is always dumb, and the only possible excuse for it is ignorance.

That’s pretty silly, in my opinion. He sure as hell isn’t trying to insinuate that he belives that character to be an accurate reflection of black people, he’s pointing out that a very specific and disgustingly racist stereotype arose from that supposed bastion of progressive liberalism, Hollywood.

I’m not impressed by your above cite because you’ve clipped the part where he asks where this stock character comes from immediately afterwards.

Oh yeah, and next I presume that you’ll be railing against Spike Lee for his film Bamboozled, given your rather unsophisticated stance regarding the employment of any blatant racial stereotype to make any sort of point.

Or do these “racists” only get called to the mat when Republican?

I agree and have messaged CNN to that effect. If I get any response at all I expect them to thank me for my input and my support of CNN and assure me that they will continue to provide the best in news.

Why am I not surprised that you would rise to the defense of a bigoted racist?

Not entirely accurate. Minstrel shows were a popular form of entertainment long before Hollywood existed. Can’t blame Hollywood for the stereotype any more than you can blame Tab for the existance of shitty-tasting diet soda.