Glitter-Farting Trolls

They obviously put this in the news in the hopes that someone would pick it up and run with it, so here goes:

Evidently this character appears in the movie (which, thankfully, I missed) where it does the same thing. Although it was a larger. more expressive cloud there.
Obviously another sign of the decline of American civilization. And I thought current mytology had unicorns as the ones farting glitter. Or rainbows. Or something.

as usual, the comments are priceless:

I think unicorns are known for s*****g Ice Cream…

That said, I was not impressed by the glitter fart. It needs more glitter and a stronger firing mechanism, something that will scatter the glitter onto the watching spectators in copious amounts. I mean, go big or go home.

The only thing that doesn’t make me despair, Cal, is that Japan is even weirder than we are…19 Seriously Geeky Japanese Products You Didn't Know You Needed | PCMag

#4 in that list (“Eyes Cold”) made me think of the old Outer Limits episode “The Mutant”:
#15 – I’ve seen wrist-rest mousepads with the uncanny valley you rest your wrist on being a woman’s rear or bust many times before.

#18 – Our daughter’s boyfriend brought back a selection of Japanese candy recently. My favorite one is something I called “Hello Kitty Birth Control Pills”, because it looks like one of those blister-pack-with-foil-backing packages they use for pills, only the front is printed with a Hello-Kitty-like Kawaii image.

His name is “Guy Diamond”. According to his page on DreamWorks Wiki, :

So this is one of the defining characteristics of his class of Glitter Trolls. Good to know.
He also "Shakes off clouds of glitter when he dances, so he needn’t be flatulent to be source of annoying glitter
In the movie he’s voiced by Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory

I suppose it could be worse. In evaluating the movie Trolls, the Australian “Raising Children” network observed:

If a troll offers you a cupcake, you might want to refuse. Same with unicorns and soft-serve.

Aw man, I was just at Universal YESTERDAY and didn’t see this!

You should see it, it’s funny and very tastefully done. I mean as much as a thing like that can be.

I saw it kinda by force due to my toddler loving some of the music, and I was kinda shocked how decent it is. It has a decent and slightly unconventional story, integrates the musical numbers well, and has more inventive and interesting animation that I expect these days.

Not a masterpiece, but definitely better than your average kids’ movie these days.

Honestly I just fell in love with the amazing felt rendering. I’m not sure even Pixar’s captured that very specific fuzzy fabric look.

I mean, yeah, the story was fun, the characterization interesting, the music well integrated, yaddah yaddah. But that felt!

I hope they want glitter all over the fucking place forever now.

“If you find the Laxian key, you can name your price.”

1.) That article writer has a very low bar for what they consider “bizarre.”

2.) The candy that you mention is likely a variety of “fortune telling candy” similar to this.

That looks like it might be it. and I still think “Hello Kitty Birth Control Pills” is a pretty good description.

1.) That article writer has a very low bar for what they consider “bizarre.”

2.) The candy that you mention is likely a variety of “fortune telling candy” similar to this, which is a form of dagashi. Read about them in chapter 15 of Dagashi Kashi, (a manga I highly recommend–it is kind of zany and mildly fanservicy, but you learn a lot about a fairly obscure (to us westerners) aspect of Japanese culture.)

Huh–didn’t notice that my browser sent out an earlier, incomplete version of my post. Damnit.