Glitter production

now here in the Christmas time, I often see decoration with
glitter. I even saw a pen with glitter particles in it, probably to draw glittery bits onto presents or so.
A friend asked, how it was actually produced and
I do not know, but someone here perhaps?

Allow me to take this moment Hirsel to say:

What a good…f-ing question! Kudos!

just a wild guess, but it looks like they take very thin metal foil, and just shred/chop it to pieces; different color glitter using different color foil.

I suspect that it is nibbled from metallised plastic foil.
My daughter was given a set of glue/glitter/sequins recently and every single one of the tiny glitter pieces is heart shaped!

My understanding is that first you need a mentally unstable diva, a roomful of monkeys with typewriters, and an astounding collective lack of taste …

Oh, THAT glitter!

Glitter… The metallicy bits that stick to you for eons. Good question. I’ve Googled and even Asked Jeeves, but you know what? COuldn’t find any useful information.

Must be some top sectret governmental lab with hamsters nibbling away on coloured foil whose remnants are collected and bagged for consumer goods…


The reason that I suspect it is nibbled (or possibly cut) is the relatively uniform size (and sometimes shape) of the particles; if it was shredded in a huge rotary drum or some such, the particle size would vary and would include dust.

Maybe if it’s nibbled foil, that’s what the hamsters do when they’re not busy crazying up this place!

My guess is that there’s a farm somewhere in Montana where they have thousands and thousands of pixies in cages, and they have somebody come through and smack the cages, then just sweep the pixie dust up and bottle it.

But if it was pixie dust, wouldn’t it make us fly?

I’m betting it’s reverse vampire tears.

what if they had a really super thin sheet of metal foil and stamped it, with something that looked like a really fine screen window, you know? Then all the pieces would be uniform, wouldn’t they?

I heard it was an organic material produced from fairy farts

It’s made at the North Pole, you sillies.

I can’t give much detail, but by pursuing the information offered by some Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers, it is just coated and slit paper (or polyester film). Stamping is out because of the huge number of linear inches required and tool wear.

So, you have a huge sheet of film (think mylar-ish) passing across a bunch of cutting blades (cutting it into strips) and then being sliced horizontally?

Check this out:

A sprinkle of information, if you will.

The first ever produced glitter tab was created in 1936 on the Production floor of J.T. Willhooven and Company Finishings in Intercourse, PA. That tab was found on my sweater last week.

The damn things turn up decades after initial use.

Never pour glitter into auto heater vents as a prank. The auto will continue to belch glitter onto it’s passengers well into the 22nd century.

I don’t know anything about the producer, but I’m quite sure that the director of Glitter was on some serious drugs.

Oh … never mind.

Only when it’s fresh.

But… but, you say that like it’s a bad thing! rushes off to find a few pounds of glitter

Seriously, does it make the car non-street-legal or something?