Global Credit & Collection?

Apparently many, many persons have gotten robocalls from [phone number removed] Global Credit & Collection.

They seem to have been doing this since early 2009. The robocall just calls and says call 866-915-5210. Those who do return the call get a wide variety of meaningless responses and the calls continue for awhile.

No one seems to know what it is all about or how to stop it.

I think I was getting calls on my cell phone from them for a while, or one of their shitheel competitors (co-conspirators?). It continued for weeks, I ignored every call, and eventually it stopped.

I’ve seen it rumored that some of these “collection” agencies are wholly (as opposed to mostly) fraudulent, and basically earn by intimidating a few naive/timorous people into paying “debts” that they don’t even owe.

I get robocalls from 877-889-2024 every single day (sometimes twice a day) - I wonder if they’re related.

ETA: Looking at what I just posted, I wonder why we can’t charge companies that do this with harassment. They don’t leave a message if I let it go to the machine, they just call, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

I solved the problem of credit collections robocalls (my credit is pristine, but I have a name that is equivalent to “Jane Smith” so every Jane Smith who doesn’t pay her bills…) by cutting off my land line.

I may have gotten calls from these people, but I have caller ID and don’t pick up the phone unless I recognize the number (or I’m bored and want to screw with the telemarketers).

I did that too and now I get robocalls on my cell instead. :smack:

Robocalling your cell phone? I believe that’s a $1500 fine per call. Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Cool. I should just give them my checking account number, then, so they can deposit directly?

You’ll probably have to get a collection agency to collect your fines for you though :slight_smile:

Just use the number blocking feature that has been standard on most phone systems for quite a while. You’ll have to consult your provider’s phonebook or website, but it isn’t hard. It’s *60 on my phone. (It’ll lead to a recording telling you what to do.)

What I’d really like to see is a SPAM-type blocker, where, if enough people have reported a harassing (but legal) number, people with the anti-SPAM service would not get the call directly (although you’d probably want to send them to some sort of SPAM voice mail folder.)

Many of these collection agencies that do the robo calling simply have a giant list of names and phone numbers and money supposedly owed. These debts could have been turned over 3 or 4 times by the time these agencies start calling you. All they have is a list, no documents or background.

As an alleged debtor under the fair debt collection practices act you have the right to demand a validation of your debt. From my experience, when you demand a validation of the debt, the agencies stop calling.

You also may have some legal recourse for the harrassing phone calls, but I have personally found it difficult to obtain the necessary documentation. When a collection agency robo-harrassed me, they probably called me 30+ times but I never picked up my cell phone. When I was considering legal recourse I could not obtain any documentation from my cell phone provider that these calls were made. My cell phone provider only keeps a record of phone calls which are picked up.

You can send it to me, and I’ll take care of it for you. I’m going to need about $1000 up front for expenses, though.

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According to one of their internet sites the company making the calls is a Canadian company doing business in the US. (They have apparently been doing this since at least April 08. Persons who call them say the demands are rarely for persons at the number called. The demands are made of the person who gets harassed into returning their call i.e. fraud, shakedown type demands.) They are not bashful about hiding their Canadian address.

How do persons go about demanding validation or taking legal recourse in this situation?

Blame Canada!

And we Canadians get robocalled by American companies and scammers. The problem is, the two countries’ “do not call” lists don’t intercommunicate, and there is no control or penalty for US spammers calling Canadians or vice versa.

Well, I picked up the phone for my daily call this morning, and big surprise, there was no one there (yes, I waited a reasonable length of time for the robodialer to pick up). They won’t leave a message, they won’t talk to me; they just call every single day. How is this NOT harrassment?

I just got a call from Global Credit & Collection asking for Fatty Arbuckle tending to confirm reported suspicions that they are up to something other than credit collections.

These guys were calling me about an account that was real old.
You can’t expect me to pay for something from 5 years ago!!!
I tried talking to them but they didn’t seem to get it.
I googled their company name “Global Credit” and found their website.
I sent a request to stop bugging me. A manager called me back a couple days
later and told me they were closing my account.
The website is

5 years ago is generally within the statute of limitations for debt, though this varies by state.

However, it sounds like either the debt wasn’t yours or it wasn’t worth the hassle. That doesn’t mean it’s gone, though; they could sell your debt to a different collector.