Global Game Jam, anyone?

Was anyone else aware that this weekend just gone contained the Global Game Jam? Basically, it’s an event that involves locking yourself in a room with a bunch of other nerds, and you are given a theme (kept secret prior to the event) and forty-eight hours to build a complete(ish) game based on that theme. I’m in Melbourne, so ours finished yesterday. I haven’t really recovered yet though, because I only got six hours of sleep for the duration of the thing and that sleep was on the floor of a university computer lab surrounded by lights and talking people. :slight_smile: But hey! We (my team of two people, aka Team Pants) got a game built in two days so I’m not complaining.

Anyway, did anyone else know about thing? Anyone participate? Anyone participate in game jams in the past, or any other kind of make-something-in-really-short-time kind of event? The theme was ‘extinction’ - what kind of game would you have made in forty-eight hours?

Anyone who’s thought about doing something like this but never gotten around to it - highly recommended. If you don’t mind sleeping rough and being surrounded by nerds, get yourself along to the next one. :slight_smile: