Globe Trekker Travel Series On PBS

Has anybody ever seen this? I happened to catch the Sunday, July 10, 2005 episode with Neil Gibson going through Central America; Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

As tired as I was, I couldn’t stop watching. First of all, the scenery was fantastic, but for me, the best part was Neil.

He reminds me of every freak Aussie I ever met on my travels, and I mean that in a good way. He is this exuberant, charismatic dude and I can hear myself saying, “sure, I’ll go up the coast with ya.”
Years later you would wonder how you got out of that trip alive.
Starts off nice…little hike up the hill, then into a boat over crocodile infested waters, overnight in a room next to the smoldering volcano, next morning con some fisherman to take you across shark infested waters to get to an isolated border patrol in the jungle, at which point you are on some islands with one hotel, and then you hop on a rickety bus for a 12 hour ride and then – well, each step of the trip had me laughing to myself as I could envision me saying “what the hell am I doing traveling with this insane person.”

Along the way he ran into a guy who claimed to have lived a year in the jungle following monkeys, eating what the monkeys did, and sleeping where they slept. He said during the course of the year he spent a grand total of $5.00 - he bought some tomatoes and some stamps to write home to let his family know he was ok. And there was a museum of photos of people who died during the war torn years in Central America - and lots of other strange people and desolate landscapes and tiny villages.

I have no idea if the rest of the series are all like this, but I certainly want to see Neil on his trip through Peru and Pakistan. And for any of you couch potato travelers who want to know what it is like to throw yourself into a different culture with nothing more than a knapsack, two nickels to rub together, and a cheery attitude – catch this show! It so reminded me of travelers I have met over the years – fearless, insane, wild and unforgettable.

I love this show! It comes on incredibly late here so I can never really remember where they went. Then I try to explain it to other people who then think I’m insane. “This guy stayed at this amazing island resort where you can feed fish through a whole in the floor under the glass coffee table but it was $600 a night so next he went to an uninhabited island and stayed for free in this tiny hut and had to wait for someone to sail by to leave.”

Great show.