Gloved Signposts?

Travelling on interstates throughout the country I’ve often spotted metal signposts (sans sign) with gloves stuffed over the top. What gives?

I have no idea, but you MUST send me pictures! - see my sig…

Perhaps the signposts are a substitute for fence posts.
Boots (gloves for the feet) belong on fence posts, while Bras belong on the fence itself.

I should think it’s pretty obvious.

Someone lost a glove. Someone else was kind enough to pick it up off the ground an place it in a more prominent place, so that the gloveless one has a better chance of passing by again and saying “Alright! My glove!”

Around here, we see 'em tucked into chain-link fences, on guardrails, that sort of thing.

If we had a lot of signposts without signs attached to them, they’d be ideal.

Personally, I think that most people who lose gloves are probably apt to toss the mates out immediately. So it must suck for those few who come across the fence-gloves a few days later.

[short hijack]
How large a file attachment are you allowed to the mail link your blog provides? I want to send pics in as high a resolution as you can accept (figuring you can always edit it to your taste.)

I must say that is one unusual hobby. How on earth did that occur to you?

I’ve always assumed that Mangetout suffered some sort of unusual childhood trauma. :smiley:

A glove on a sign post is like one of those big foam hands. We’re number one!

I have family members who farm. They leave gloves around in case they need them in the field.

Maybe its the rural equivalent to the shoes hanging on the powerlines by the crackhouse thing. :stuck_out_tongue: