Gmail won't push to phone when on WiFi

I just can’t figure this out. When I’m home I connect my phone to the WiFi system. For some reason it just will not sync with Google and notify me of new items. I’m using the Gmail app on an android. Any suggestions?


I thought gmail didn’t use push and you have to set your phone to fetch.

Is the phone new? Did it work at one stage and stopped working now? What brand phone? Have you tried going into settings and clicking on “sync now”?

Hmmmm…perhaps I confused “push” with “fetch”. Either way, when I’m on the phone network it works, but on WiFi it doesn’t. If I open the app it will show new mail, but I don’t get notified automatically.

On my Jelly Bean version phone, I’ve found two places with settings for email notifications and neither differentiates connections.

In the System Settings, there’s “Email Accounts” and that has settings for sync, notification, etc. and then when I open the Gmail App, I can hit the settings button and find check boxes in the account settings for Sync and Notification.

Once you’ve covered those bases, I don’t think there is anything else to do. I do have some apps with settings that will only allow the app to work when I’m WiFi connected (saves cell data usage) but I’ve never heard of email working the opposite way.

I see you use android, I use the other one, so there may be some differences that apply.

  • 1st be aware that fetch and push work differently and is somewhat of a mystery to me, best I can tell in fetch is up to your phone to check at regular intervals to see if mail has come in. On my phone I can set this time in want I will call ‘apple approved increments’. So if I don’t give it enough time it may appear that no mail has come in. In push the mail somehow notifies the phone, so a bit faster.

  • I also have to set gmail to notify me when mail comes in, this is in a classic ‘apple non-intutive place’ that I don’t care to look for as it doesn’t apply to how android work anyway.

  • lastly if I can not get a app to work, the classic apple solution is to delete the app and reinstall it.