Go ahead...have another Chance

Guess what we’re expecting in July now, folks?

I’ll give you three guesses…

YAY! More happy news today! :slight_smile:


(I assume we are talking about a baby, right???) :wink:

Not a puppy?

Well, congrats anyway! :smiley:

Well done Nate! Congratulations!

If you file your return early and on line, you should have the refund check by March.

In enough time to remodel the nursery…


Oooh! I know! I know!

A pennant for your OOTP team? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Zev Steinhardt

Yay for second Chances! (Or is it third? fourth? Gah. I am so out of the loop)

Woohoo! That is absolutely awesome. Congratulations, from myself, Robin, and Aaron. :slight_smile:

Yep, we’ve got one inbound!

This’ll be the 4th chance if you count me, Lady Chance, and Baby Kate.

Further information as event warrant.

And we need name suggestions that we can ignore.

Name suggestions? I know parents like to pick first names – but may I suggest “twickster” as a middle name?


You just want a chance to drag Cecil out of lurker-dom to welcome the new arrival, right?

In any event, b’sha’ah tovah!

‘twickster’ might just not pass the ‘Lady Chance’ giggle test.

If it’s a boy we’re locked on middle names (note the plural). Firstborn sons of my line get their father’s and grandfather’s names as middle names. So only a first name for a boy.

Get with it, people!

How about “Notta” for a name if it’s a girl? And “Last” if it’s a boy? Or, give your real last name, how about “Kinda”?

Okay, enough silliness, congratulations to you both! I’m sure that Kate will be thrilled to have a little sibling around.

Ok, but this is your last one!

(get it? Cmon!)

Hmm, first name for a boy, first name for a boy… think, think, what would be a good first name for a boy…

Boy, asking us might be dangerous!

Anyway, congrats. We all need more Chances in life.

Holy crap, Dopers are multiplying like tribbles. Maybe ignorance will be wiped out within our lifetime. Congrats!!

Congrats to you and Lady Chance.
May the next 7 months be kind to Lady Chance and baby Chance.

Hmm… lets see, July minus the nine gives us roughly Late October… Seems to me there was a bit of a gathering around that time… I think Eddie would be a good name for my, er your kid, yeah Eddie.
Oh and congrats

Congratulations… or condolances, which ever are warranted. :slight_smile:

Fabulous! You have to stay an MAD now, so we can spoil the new babe. Congratulations! Name it Corrine.

What if it’s a boy?

And near as we can tell Sprout Mark II was enabled the night prior to Dope-A-Ween.

How 'bout them apples?