Gwendolyn Rose Chance (Pix Inside!)

Here you go, folks!

Awwww, what a cutie pie :slight_smile: I love her name. Our little Daxgirl is due in September and we’re going to name her Katherine Rose. Rose is such a classy, yet simple name. Congrats!

Cute little keebler, that Gwendolyn Rose. Um…is it just me, or is she sort of a giant baby?

Aww cute baby. Thanks for the pictures Jonathan Chance

I thought she looked big in the photos with her sister (?), but she looks teeny tiny in the last photo. Or, maybe the guy in the last photo is gigantic. Who knows?

Congratulations, Jonathan Chance ! She’s beautiful!

Gwendolyn is GORGEOUS. Not at all puckery or misshapen like other peoples’ babies :slight_smile:

And let me take a moment to say how much I like the name Katherine Rose, as well. That’s my daughter’s name.

SHe’s the 2nd cutest kid I’ve ever seen…

OMG she is sooooooooooo cute!

::runs off to pester Upside_Down_Amber::

“Can we have a baby now? Can we have a baby now? Can we have a baby now? Now? Now? How about now? … okay, now?”

Very cute. So, does your other daughter always look at you like you’re the biggest doof in the world when you’re taking her picture? :slight_smile:

Way to go JC, she’s a sweetie. Congrats!

Aww, she’s adorable. Congrats!


The hard part’s going to be taking as many pictures of the second one as the first one.

She gets her good looks from her mother.
Gwendolyn is such a pretty name.

She’s beautiful. Many congratulations to the Chance family.


Beautiful baby! Beautiful big sister, too!

I love the name. <sigh> sometimes I wish I had a girl…but not enought to get pregnant again. LOL

I don’t think infants are all that cute, but yours is adorable! I especially like the lower middle picture. I know it’s coincidence, but she’s got her eyes open and seems to be looking at the camera. It’s an awesome picture, since you don’t get that from babies that young.


Congratulations JC, kudos to the mother too.

Oh, yes…

Awwwwwwww :slight_smile:

Definitely a cute baby! And Gwendolyn Rose is a very pretty name.

Hope Lady Chance is recovering well. Give her all the best wishes of the Firefly household.

Looks like Kate’s still wondering about this business of having a little sister. I’m sure she’ll figure out soon enough that being the Big Sister is a pretty good deal. And I guess this permanently retires the ‘Baby Kate’ moniker!

Many, many congratulations to you and the Lady Chance from myself and tdc. :slight_smile: The li’l one’s lucky to be blessed with such fine parents and to be part of such an excellent family.

EEEEeeeee!!! She is adorable!!!